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Am I the only one who misses acres?

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  3. Am I the only one who misses acres?

User Info: Crums44

5 years ago#1
From the GC version. It's not that they were good or bad, I just prefer it over the roundish world you get in WW and CF for some reason. I doubt that they will ever come back but I didn't mind them at all.
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User Info: VioletMassacre

5 years ago#2
Nah, I think I like the way it is now more, you get a better view of things.

But I want to be able to walk while I'm looking at the sky. >_>

User Info: OzymandiasIV

5 years ago#3
I liked the acres as well. It made keeping track of things so much easier.
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User Info: hyliaman

5 years ago#4
Not really.

It did make organization easier though, and the little treasures people put clues about on the billboard were cool.

But I like the improvements on the visuals we got by sacrificing the acres
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User Info: katysu

5 years ago#5
I never played the gamecube version, but I heard that moving between acres in that game meant a shift or something happened when you moved from one acre to another.

Unfortuantely looking at that shift on screen could cause nausea & headaches in some people.
And from other areas in real life I would make a good guess I would be one of that small minority.

I have no problems coping with the rolling effect in wild world and accf.

Not sure how moving between acres would be implemented in ac3DS.
Given the technology has moved on, the shift might not be so noticable.
Didn't it cause a slight loading lag on the game cube version?
I'm more than happy to stick with the rolling barrel option.

User Info: Jerec

5 years ago#6
I think because the original was first designed for N64, it was simply a hardware limitation they needed to find a way around, and from the DS onwards they didn't need to do it that way. Acres were easier for moving around, but the transitions from one to another were always jerky.
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User Info: ArkanaX

5 years ago#7
I enjoyed acres much more than the 'rolling world' effect of the later games.
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User Info: psychic987

5 years ago#8

For those who haven't seen acres, this is a video of Christmas Eve in AC:GC. I like them better!
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User Info: Iced_Shadows

5 years ago#9
It'd be nice if the console Animal Crossings utilized the acres (while still making the game look nice, of course) while the handheld Animal Crossings did the "rolling planet" type of thing. That's just my opinion though.
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User Info: katysu

5 years ago#10
Thanks for the link to that video, I watched curious to see if the shift had any effect on me
- no it didn't, but I didn't like it much either and over a longer play time it could give me problems.

I presume if something like this was used on the 3DS, the technology has improved enough to make the shift smoother & less noticable.
Will just have to wait and see what Nintendo do.

Edit: as an aside, I can't play accf standing up
- the rolling effect begins to feel a bit like as if I'm on a ship in a rough sea.
If you have never tried, its an interesting effect.
Sitting down, no problems whatsoever and can play hours.
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