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How would you react if this game was cancelled?

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  3. How would you react if this game was cancelled?

User Info: 133k

5 years ago#61
There would be blood.

And it wouldn't be mine.

User Info: DazzleKitty87

5 years ago#62
If it got canceled, I would poop a lot. :(

User Info: EnchantedDevil

5 years ago#63

User Info: kreegan64

5 years ago#64
Eat a peanutbutter and jelly sandwich and then marry my neighbor with extreme prejudice. You probably won't (and maybe rather wouldn't) know what topic this links to.

User Info: sunxenxyden

5 years ago#65
I had no idea people were so Fanatical about this game. Love all of the violent reactions considering the nature of this series.

I personally havent played an animal crossing game since WW, and I Havent touched that in years.(partly because my brother deleted my town with every fruit tree maxed out house/store statue, basically near "complete" save") and partly because I was about to go into high school and wanted to be cool and play Halo and madden instead.(derp)

I remember being 11 and begging my parents to get it for me as a christmas gift, they declined, as they really dislike video games in general.I then asked my brother to get it for me. I ended up with 2 copies lol and let my sister make her town on the other.

I also remember playing the original for hours on end and thinking it was the greatest thing since sliced bread.( even though my brothers all said it looked stupid)

I bought a 3ds a while ago and I honestly just found out about this game, but it sounds interesting and It would be disappointing if it got canceled.

End nostalgic rant.
All truth passes through three stages. First, it is ridiculed , second it is violently opposed, and third it is accepted as self-evident. Arthur Schopenhauer

User Info: Matamori

5 years ago#66
I would react....go figure.
I am a professing Christian and I am proud of it.
(Romans 1:16) Copy my example, Christians.

User Info: __FiaIe__

5 years ago#67

User Info: DragonMilo

5 years ago#68
I'd create a topic here saying "How do you feel now that you know the game is cancelled?", read comments like all the ones that I just read, but multiplied by 100 in amount.
Nah just kidding XD But I'd be laughing so hard if someone does the same.
I make drawings!
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  3. How would you react if this game was cancelled?

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