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Name ONE thing you hate about Animal Crossing (if it's possible)

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  3. Name ONE thing you hate about Animal Crossing (if it's possible)

User Info: SuperAdamio

5 years ago#1
I just want to hear what people might think...

I don't know what I'd put, it's a hard question! It's almost a 'perfect game' for me...

Maybe the lack of neighbour personalities?
Adamio Time!!!!

User Info: Insanekoy0te

5 years ago#2
Grass erosion.
I like Ressechu's jacket, it's nice.

User Info: BaconyGoodness

5 years ago#3
Fossils and weeds hiding behind things.

User Info: StephenYap3

5 years ago#4
There are tons of things I hate about the series, but I'll name one: Wilting Flowers.
"Every rain drop holds a memory...of you" - Stephen Yap

User Info: GlitterGuns

5 years ago#5
The fact that each successor in the series brings something new, while taking away something in its place.

User Info: pygmiegoat

5 years ago#6
The fact that you can't actually choose to be an animal or date any of the animals or have kids. THAT would be truly epic.

User Info: BakaSamma

5 years ago#7
Lack of release date when the game was implied to be a launch title.
When in doubt... oro?

User Info: Rainmaker59

5 years ago#8
Resetti. Why should I get chewed out when the power goes out while I'm playing?
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Life is what happens when you're busy making other plans. ~ John Lennon

User Info: JOJ650s

5 years ago#9
I love the games, but there is just isn't enough to do.
Also, I always feel out of house space. :/
(There's just to many good furniture items to choose from. XD)
Be part of the answer, not part of the problem.

User Info: Fatalyze

5 years ago#10
screw the title, i'll name everything i hate!

-grass erosion... the ugly patches of dirt made me upset... :'(
-the time it takes to open up a menu/do things in said menu! i want to be able to switch tools on the fly. cant tell you how many times ive been stung by bees or missed the chance to shoot down gulliver
-in City Folk, the run button was also the pick-up button! i want to be able to run on my custom ground tiles! like the GC or DS one!
-not enough activities! i want something fresh and exciting, especially with neighbors! theyre almost non-existent when i play, they barely offer anything to gameplay
-uhh... i dont know, i cant think of anything else
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  3. Name ONE thing you hate about Animal Crossing (if it's possible)

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