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Are you going to download or get the cart?

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  3. Are you going to download or get the cart?

User Info: Akaimizu

5 years ago#41
I'll stick with physical on my 3DS for now, with few exceptions. Mostly because I already have the means to tote my carts along with my 3DS anywhere I go. The main advantage of carts being the size of postage stamps.
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User Info: SPDShadowRanger

5 years ago#42
Physical version. I like having the box.

SSJ4CHRIS posted...
System locked content =always buy the physical cart for me. Some of you that bought launch 3DS, new color 3DS, special edition 3DS, and 3DS XL are about to be locked in since your 5 system transfers are almost used up. And you can lost mem cards as much as you can lose game carts.

Because all of us launch buyers have bought that many 3DS's. Only on two myself. Original and XL.

User Info: DishSoap

5 years ago#43
This game seems perfect for downloading and always having with you but I want nintendo to make an account type system first

User Info: illbzo1

5 years ago#44
Digital. I hate physical distribution.

User Info: ArchangelJames

5 years ago#45
Animal Crossing will probably be my first full game download. I like having the physical media so I can lend games out to my friends (not to mention all the other benefits), but for Animal Crossing, it's more valuable to me to have the game inalienably tied to my 3DS. I want to be able to play it no matter what game happens to be in my card slot.
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User Info: Khameleon

5 years ago#46
Cart. No reason though. I just prefer them over downloading.

User Info: Dingle_Dootie

5 years ago#47
Undecided. I practice both.

User Info: Jak13

5 years ago#48
I prefer having physical games, but with AC, I've been thinking about getting the digital copy. AC is the type of game I'll be playing every single day for years so it would be nice to know I have it in my 3DS at all times.
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User Info: JTC87

5 years ago#49
Probably digital but there are a few issues. Like others have said,I would like a account system where I would be able to re download the game if needed, also cloud saves would be extremely beneficial. To the people that say they can't resell a digital game, why are you already planning to sell a game before you buy it? I buy very few games because I never sell them, they are good enough that I wouldn't want to sell them, not to mention used game stores are a joke. I would be more than happy to not have game cases laying around that I will never have any use for,I would rather have my entire collection digitally, no need to worry about swapping carts or losing carts, everything is with you. Digital of the future, it just needs to be implemented correctly.

User Info: General_Dodanna

5 years ago#50
I had a launch and bought an XL and tbh after my transfer i thought id lost my data but the fine print is after it transfers your eshop account data it has you put the SD card from your old system into the new esp if you have DSiware.... when it restarts the SD card with your data is attached to your new system.... it took me realizing my data not showing up and running back to GS to swap my SD card to figure that out
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  3. Are you going to download or get the cart?

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