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ANIMAL crossing 3DSXL!!!

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User Info: AceGamer11x

4 years ago#1
3DS: 1590-4913-4456
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User Info: Snarky_Tuna

4 years ago#2
If this makes it over to America, I'll have a reason to buy a XL.
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User Info: Ivyblade80

4 years ago#3
I think its cool because its ac, but.... Its kinda boring. I could think of a great idea for the design. (also the announced one looks like a confetti cupcake pop tart)
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User Info: JimmieAndrogyny

4 years ago#4
Eh, I'd pass on it.

That said, I'm still irked that Japan is getting AC3DS way before us.
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User Info: themasterpikmin

4 years ago#5
A nice deep green colour would have been great the white just is ewww.
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User Info: Akaimizu

4 years ago#6
I already have the 3DSXL, and in the exact colors I wanted it in. I just want the Animal Crossing for it.
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