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my theory about grass erosion

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  3. my theory about grass erosion

User Info: enjoines

5 years ago#1
I think it encourages you to relax and not focus on getting everything right away,
grass doesn't erode as much if you just walk.

I know for some of my friends, the game becomes a competition of who can get the most cool stuff. One of my buddies had a dessert in about a week and im like "cool, you have all this stuff but your town looks like ass".

I believe it brings a balance to the game.
I found myself using the same paths and roads to minimize the grass erosion., and walking a lot more.

but, I agree there should be a way to restore it, either by watering or maybe this game has grass seeds, maybe the gardening shop sells them.

btw I just saw the nintendo direct, there is so much in this game!!!!! KK DANCE PARTYS!!
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User Info: xKillaPandax

5 years ago#2
when a game punishes you for playing at your won pace, and also prides itself for letting you play at your own pace, you say no. NO.
Animal Crossing

User Info: SPDShadowRanger

5 years ago#3
I'm not even worried about this now...I don't like what seems to be these dirt patches everywhere.

User Info: Krazymage

5 years ago#4
I don't think I saw any erosion on the vids released, so I guess it was removed. Its for the best, it was a terrible idea.
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User Info: Pokeking

5 years ago#5
Has there been actual word about erosion? One can't really make sure until one plays and sees grass becomes completely dirt.

If erosion returns, I'll just need to be careful.
His Imperial Dream Master, The Pokeking

User Info: podracer35

5 years ago#6
I doubt there is grass erosion, it's just that the grass textures have become more advanced looking and detailed. It's not just thick grass all around, there are more dirt patches, and even in normal grass, you can tell there is ground beneath it.

It's a different direction for the series, but I'm liking the look and feel of it so far. Bum, bum, buh-da-dum, Ba-dah-dah-dada Iroh man.
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User Info: SuperAdamio

5 years ago#7
I do love the way the grass looks like velvet in this game.
Adamio Time!!!!
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  3. my theory about grass erosion

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