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Animal Crossing Rates Day 27: Rate Fall

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User Info: Insanekoy0te

5 years ago#1
Were back on Animal Crossing Rates after taking a very long break. Well let's get to it!

Today, were rating Fall season.

9/10. My second favorite season in Animal Crossing!

Previous Ratings:
Shovel: 7.3/10
Grass Erosion: 1.5/10
The Marquee: 5.8/10
Mii Mask: 4.7/10
Animal Crossing Gamecube: 8.6/10
Kid Cat: 8.5/10
Orange Box: 5.2/10
Rosie: 8.9/10
Watering Can: 7.2/10
Tanning: 5.5/10
Animal Crossing Wild World: 7.4/10
Flowers: 8.3/10
Umbrellas: 5.6/10
Candy: 7.4/10
K.K. Slider: 9.2/10
Tangy: 7.2/10
Filbert: 6.3/10
Wolfgang: 9/10
Animal Crossing City Folk: 5.5/10
Mario Kart: 6.5/10
Bob: 6.6/10
Outside Gyroid: 7/10
Fireworks Show: 7.1/10
Sea Bass: 3.5/10
Lovely Set: 4.9/10
Big Bro Hat: 7.7/10
Slingshot: 6.7/10
Tortimer: 7.1/10
Katrina: 5.3/10
I like Ressechu's jacket, it's nice.

User Info: mnkboy907

5 years ago#2

Also nice, K.K. is the highest rated thing so far, as he should be.

User Info: MrGreen9

5 years ago#3
9.5/10 Really hard to choose between Fall and Winter!
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User Info: SuperAdamio

5 years ago#4

I didn't like the look of the grass and trees... Everything was too brown... I wish it were more orange - like... Golden maple trees ahhh.
Adamio Time!!!!

User Info: icemagician

5 years ago#5

Also, why is Bob's score so low :'(

User Info: GlitterGuns

5 years ago#6

Autumn is my favorite season to play Animal Crossing.

- Fall Sports Fair
- Harvest Moon
- Halloween
- Harvest Festival
- Acorn Festival
- Mushroom season
- Foliage changes
- Crickets

User Info: Harvest-Ty

5 years ago#7
Like a boss that's right! o3o

User Info: sickbullet

5 years ago#8
Is it just me but I wish during Autumn we got leaves on the ground and by December the trees were bare with no leaves, I'd love that.
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