How many are actually able to use Torn-sky Blast

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  3. How many are actually able to use Torn-sky Blast

User Info: unsafermike2002

6 years ago#1
from what i know in the trailers the people that can use the Torn-sky Blast are = ryu hayabusa , ein/hayate , raidou , kasumi , and maybe ayane i'm not sure.
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User Info: 2ndAtomisk

6 years ago#2
Could you give a link to the trailer with Ryu using it? I've never seen that. I always thought it was just Kasumi, Raidou, and Hayate.
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User Info: mochamoo-ex

6 years ago#3
I think what Ryu did was different. His one was more of a Hadouken-type blast.

In one of the gameplay videos the DoA pros took when they visited Japan, one of them did Ryu's <V+LT move, and a blue bolt of energy came out.

User Info: Ubersuntzu

6 years ago#4
Ayane was able to do it in one of the promotional trailers for the arcade release of DOA 2. She'll mostly likely be able to do it now.
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User Info: fr49200

6 years ago#5
The Torn-Sky Blast is technically a Mugen Tenshin Ougi, so Ryu should not be able to use it; he's not part of their village. The attack that Ayane used in DOA2 is the same attack she used in the ending for DOA4. That is her own trademark Ninpo attack; this is why it sometimes has a purpleish hue as opposed to looking like white lightning. The only people known who can use it are Hayate and Raidou, and possibly Genra. Hayate was actually taught the technique, and Raidou used his copy skills ability to copy the move after Hayate used it in the battle that crippled Hayate. Genra might have learned it since he was the leader of the Hanjinmon sect of the Mugen Tenshin, as well as Kasumi and Hayate's Uncle. He uses a similar looking attack during his boss battle in DOA3.

User Info: MageGuyInfinity

6 years ago#6
It's confirmed that Kasumi used it to kill Raidou
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  3. How many are actually able to use Torn-sky Blast

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