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I'm fine with the game being patched and I hope...

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  3. I'm fine with the game being patched and I hope...

User Info: CubeTV

5 years ago#1
They patch up Time Trails, Balloon Battle and Coin Runners so the coins you get in those will actually COUNT towards your total coins collected. It would actually give me a reason to play this mode.
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User Info: HungoverHero777

5 years ago#2
It would also be nice if they added a single player vs mode.
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User Info: MBBDarigon

5 years ago#3
And leaderboards like Mario Kart Wii where you can watch ghost data
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User Info: SSJ2__Gohan

5 years ago#4
It also needs the ability to be able to save ALL ghosts of a friend, instead of only 1 ghost at a time. For which there is NO excuse whatsoever, as you get tens of RANDOM ghosts for each track: why can't we get at least 1 friend ghost per track then? It could easily replace one of those many random ghosts! Who cares more about random ghosts than ghosts of friends?

User Info: MrSpacelySlate

5 years ago#5
>implying they're going to attempt to make this game better when they're content with a rushed game

Just because they're patching a glitch doesn't mean they're gonna fix everything wrong with this game.
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  3. I'm fine with the game being patched and I hope...

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