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User Info: the_system_94

7 years ago#11
ttyd was great without a volcano but what sounds funner?

ttyd ch5: a CAVE on a tropical island


pm ch5: a VOLCANO on a tropical island

User Info: Squeakerson

7 years ago#12
I'd be fine without a volcano so long as there are SOME fire based enemies. Though I will admit a volcano in a snowy valley would be pretty cool, since it has the potential to have both fire and ice based enemies. Certainly would change things up a bit.
"They're NOT DOLLS. They're ACTION FIGURES. WITH REAL FIRE-PUNCHING ACTION." ~Francis. Super Paper Mario.~

User Info: luigiman1154

7 years ago#13
Raaawwwrrr, what've you got there Mr. Volcano?

First thing that came to mind.

So long as it has a tropical island, I don't care.
To the bitter end

User Info: funkedelike

7 years ago#14
If we get a partner that is fire related again then yes.
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User Info: qwerty107

7 years ago#15
Yes fire partner
Hopefully there are less fire proof enemies
All we need is a little less tragedy. - All We Need by Pennywise

User Info: ghgod17_xdx

7 years ago#16
each game's chapter 5 had a humourous value, kolorado, flint cragley, flavio, all teh champs.

and yes, i love volcano levels, or just lava for that much, lava's epic.
Patar and Spongegar got no mologa palinka. Heh, palinka.

User Info: fPaperMariob

7 years ago#17
the_system_94 posted...
this game won't be complete without a volcano level. anyone else want a volcano level?


and yes. I loved it so much. I'd like to revisit yoshi's island.. but as said before, I would also like a remake..

User Info: the_system_94

7 years ago#18
yes paper lava is the best kind

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