Rate the Random: Paper Mario Edition - Days 13 & 14

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User Info: MarvelVsKipcom

7 years ago#1
Hello Paper Mario fans and welcome to Rate the Random: Paper Mario Edition!

The rules are simple; every day I will post something for you to rate it it from 0-100%, and the thing with the highest score at the end wins. After voting, you can nominate one thing, which will go into the Nomination section. Every day I will pull a thing from the Nomination section, which you will then rate.
You must vote in order to be able to nominate something, or else it won't be counted.
Basically each day, each user can nominate something Paper Mario related(No more than one nomination per person in one day).It can be any character, chapter, item, etc. from the Paper Mario series. There will be some days where the Topic Title will say if there will be no nominating.

ALSO: No Double Voting. If you give something an extremely low score,(0-25 or something) I would like a reason as to why. No alt voting either please. No rallying(asking other to vote for what you want.) Failing to follow in these rules will end up with your vote not being counted. IF YOU CHANGE YOUR MIND ON A CERTAIN SCORE, PLEASE DELETE YOUR FIRST SCORE BEFORE PUTTING UP A NEW ONE. Seriously, causes confusion. ;-;

Count Bleck
Stanley the Boo
The B Button
1,000,000 Rubee debt
Smorg's Theme
Stone Cap
Touching tune from TTYD
Slow Go Badge
Super Luigi Books
Goombaria's doll
Rawk Hawk
Petalburg Music
Money Money Badge
Quiz Thwomps
Kooky Cookie
Quick Change Badge
Tubba Blubba's Heart
Mt. Lineland/Yold Desert Music
Cake Mix
Shy Guy that kept tripping
Ms. Mowz
Dry Bones
Koopa Bros.
The tape Koopa Koot Wanted
The Slow Go Badge
Wacka's Bump
Flopside Town
The Superbomb that the Shadow Siren's had
Don Pianta
The Mystery of the Fiery Hat of Social Awareness (This is Paper Mario related right? >_>)
Bowser???(That cardboard metal robot thing back in Paper Mario 64 that the Koopa Bros. built)
Gold Bar x3
Hooktail eating the audience
Mimi's neck cracking
Amazy Dayzee
Fort Francis
Frankly's Trash Can
Sir Swoop
Lava Lava Island
Crystal Palace Crawl (music)
Gourmet Guy
Paper Mario
Pal Pills
Huff 'n Puff Music
Zap Tap Badge
The Shadow guys in TTYD that "curse" you after freeing them from the black chest
Pit of 100 Trials
Lava Piranha Music
Trial Stew
The Great Gonzales
W and L Emblem

Leader board
Bombette - 89.9%
Mr. L - 87.3%
Jammin' Jelly - 86.4%
Swoon.Exe - 86.3%
Doopliss' Theme - 82.1%
General Guy - 81.4%
Jr. Troopa - 78.9%
Audience/Stage Hazards - 73.7%
Pebble - 62.1%
"Mistake" - 50%
Flurrie's Chest - 11%
Ninplayer - 9%


Day 13 - Anti Guy

Day 14 - B Button

I need a sequel. Oh wait, I have one!

User Info: _Red_Dawn_

7 years ago#2
Anti Guy - 60%
Stone cap + Bombette = Dead

B Button - 85%

nomnom Luigi's Diary
Lovingly yours, Death__Ballad

User Info: InuYashaaa

7 years ago#3
Anti Guy: 100%

B button: 30%

User Info: strongo9

7 years ago#4
Anti-guy 95% Awesome optional boss
B Button 100% What can I say?
Must have: Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword, Metroid: Other M, Paper Mario,
Donkey Kong Country Returns, Kirby's Epic Yarn, and Kid Icarus: Uprising

User Info: ghgod17_xdx

7 years ago#5
nomnom The Goomba that hits on Goombella

Anti Guy gets an 80%
B Button gets a 90%
Patar and Spongegar got no mologa palinka. Heh, palinka.

User Info: DetroitLolcat

7 years ago#6
Yes! I can now nom!


Anti-guy 75%. He was pretty cool.
B Button- 100%. You would be screwed without it!
Must beat Pre-Hooktail Pit-Run on TTYD. Previous attempt: Got to Bonetail, and lost.

User Info: koopatroopa1015

7 years ago#7
Anti guy - I'm not gonna rate him since I haven't played against him.

B Button - 98%
I love superguarding in TTYD. Only reason it's not 100%? It can be quite tough to nail the timing down each time.
"Fall seven times, stand up eight"
"Crystal Stars? They sound like great world-conquering tools! I want 'em!" Bowser, PM:TTYD

User Info: yoda2323

7 years ago#8
Anti-Guy: 90%
B Button: 100%, you can't get past Goomba Village without it
"All I care about is Mega-Desk. That is all I care about. Getting. More. Mega-Desk." -Dwight
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User Info: LightningYoshi

7 years ago#9
Anti-Guy - 100%

One of my favorite bosses.
Shellfire <{[( ~ Champions of the Glitz Pit Season 1 ~ )]}>
Because girls like guys who stand near flames.

User Info: VENOM1029

7 years ago#10
Anti guy-80 percent
Died from him once, never knew he was so strong

B thing-Cant rate, never played TTYD
Let the blood ov the infants flood the streets ov Bethlehem!
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