Rate the Random: Paper Mario Edition - Days 13 & 14

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User Info: VENOM1029

7 years ago#21
I nom whackas bump :)
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User Info: awesomespy

7 years ago#22
Anti-Guy gets 100% from me. Being a shy guy automatically brings him to 80%.

B Button - 60%. It felt clunky and poorly implemented. It's like the developers had to incorporate it just because it was there.
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User Info: aftershock576

7 years ago#23
Anti Guy: 100% Fun challenge right when you get to him (without abusing stone caps).

B Button: 100% You kinda need it to get throug the game. Plus, hammering things is fun :D
Superguarding is fine too, and you can't get through an early pit trial without it.

User Info: shadowking95

7 years ago#24
Anti Guy = 75%

Not too difficult as an enemy, all you have to do is be careful. Muskular's star power Chill Out (-3 damage) also helps in making this fight easier.

B Button = 90%

It's just an amazing tool. The only thing that's bad is that it's extremely difficult to pull off.
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User Info: pug_wishbone

7 years ago#25
Important announcement involving the topic

Well unfortunate as it is, our TC, host, and creator of RtR: Paper Mario Edition, has suffered a User Map Axe, and will not be making anymore Rate the Random topic. Kippy has told me on AIM that I have to be the new host, and so forth, I shall be the new host of Rate the Random: Paper Mario Edition...

Goodbye Kippy.
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User Info: An_Empty_Tome

7 years ago#26
I know right? ;D

Anyways, you can do better puggy. ^_^
Lovingly yours, Death__Ballad
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