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User Info: GameBeaten

7 years ago#11
Whoa.... Whooooooaaaa!!! Oh my god ohmygod! Whoooo! Yeeeah! Its even starting to look like a triple rainbow!
I've been waiting for Nintendo to reveal a handheld with the 3DS's graphics since 2003.

User Info: 8_Nairod_8

7 years ago#12
This topic is hot.


User Info: faramir77

7 years ago#13
I hate the double rainbow thing. The guy does some drugs and makes a video and the internet goes crazy.
-- Defeating the Running Man of Ocarina of Time in a race since 01/17/2009. --

User Info: MarioPenguin5

7 years ago#14


This is just 2 cool for school. Yeah.
Trolls have taken over our Mystic Bell Towers. I tried a fire spell on them, but it only made them crazier!

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