This could be the game that makes me like Nintendo again.

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  3. This could be the game that makes me like Nintendo again.

User Info: Icefrio

7 years ago#1
I grew up with Nintendo, loved every minute of it until the Wii hit. It just screwed up so many series and made games a perpetual remote waggling fest of dull. None of my friends wanted to play anything on it because there was no satisfaction in winning because the truth that it was luck hurt.

Not even single player was fun. SPM had its moments and a lot of the Paper Mario charm, but it just didn't cut it with how weird some of it was. The Pixls especially, kinda ruined the Mario universe aspect.

But this. This could be what I want from the series. Cutting the Platformer bull, bringing back good, unique partners, and making the story something I can enjoy time and time again. I've beaten Paper Mario about 6 times, and TTYD 4 or 5, yet I could only bring myself to play SPM once before I simply sold it.

Please, please Nintendo, don't screw this up.
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User Info: senate501

7 years ago#2
What a vain and presumptuous post

User Info: GameGuy_5318

7 years ago#3
I didn't like SPM that much either. It ruined the whole RPG thing
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User Info: _gatch

7 years ago#4
Needs to be more like TTYD. That one was the best.
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User Info: GameGuy_5318

7 years ago#5
although it was kind of weird when characters actually talked to the player
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User Info: bigsteve39

7 years ago#6
I agree with TC, I loved Nintendo before the wii, but the constant release of mediocre party games really limited my enjoyment of the wii. My most played games on the wii are Fire Emblem, Paper Mario TTYD and SSBB. Whilst I do like some others, (Mario Galaxy 1&2 were great) they just don't feel the same due to motion controls.
The DS however, felt more natural to me, great games like M&L BiS helped keep me a Nintendo fan, even though I have deviated to both microsoft and Sony in the home console market.

This game (and indeed the console) will make Nintendo a powerhouse for the hardcore market again. It cannot arrive soon enough.
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User Info: TheMasterTurtle

7 years ago#7
the party games are not selling well anymore so now they are making a bunch of good games (KEY, DKCR, Metroid other M)
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User Info: lordlugia_rocks

7 years ago#8
yea it seems the wii is stepping it's game up! here's hoping to a starfox wii! or F-Zero or a traditional Kirby. (note KEY looks amazing don't view me the wrong way I just woulda liked a traditional kirby a bit more)

Looks like there's a lot of cool games for 3DS and I can't wait for Pokemon White.
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User Info: TheMario91

7 years ago#9
People complaining about party games should actually do some research on the companies making them instead of thinking every single game comes from Nintendo.

News Flash: Most big games on 360/PS3 aren't Sony/Microsoft made.

Also any topic starting with, I used to like "X company" is usually a troll topic which this clearly is.
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User Info: Icefrio

7 years ago#10
^Doesn't know what's going on/didn't read the topic
GT: Drmsi9292
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  3. This could be the game that makes me like Nintendo again.

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