boss ideas.

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User Info: I_C_weiner247

7 years ago#1

appearance-a large green bomb-om, with brains and such, it basically just looks like a zombie, with bones for its fuse.

where/when? 2nd level boss, in boo's castle, they have reports of explosions and the place is falling apart and ask mario for help to remove the problem.

attacks-bone smack-frankenbomb hits you with his fuse.
-undead army-frankenbomb sends out 10 ghost bombs at you.
zombomb-frankenbomb jumps on you and sets off his fuse. you have to tap A fast to get him off or he blows up ontop of you.

post your ideas :D?
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User Info: Kirby321

7 years ago#2
Name: Gyro

Tattle: "That's Gyro, a floating spherical robot with a glass, circular window that fires lasers. Max HP is 80, Attack is 5, and Defense is 1. Gyro has floating hands around him, Fire Hand, Water Hand, Grass Hand, and Electric Hand, each have 10 max HP, 4 Attack, and 0 Defense. For each Hand defeated, Gyro loses one point of Attack Power. Professor Goomstar made Gyro, but he began to malfunction and now Gyro is frozen in the depths of Crystal Tunnels, until we came along. Gyro's a nice robot, but he wanted a challenge since he's awakened after a long time."

Where: Chapter 7, Crystal Tunnels, Optional.

- Laser: A simple laser that's like a Dark Wizzerd's laser. Pierces defense.
- Fireball (Fire Hand): A Mario-styled fireball tossed at Mario or his ally.
- Fireball Storm (Fire Hand): Sends a flurry of fireballs towards Mario and his ally.
- Water Sphere (Water Hand): A water ball that looks alot like a Mario-styled fireball that's tossed at Mario or his ally.
- Water Cannon (Water Hand): Sends a huge water-like laser at Mario and his ally.
- Leaf Cut (Grass Hand): Throws a razor-sharp leaf at Mario or his ally.
- Flora Blast (Grass Hand): Sends a blast of leaves and plant-life and the like at Mario and his ally.
- Shocker (Electric Hand): Zaps Mario or his ally with a simple touch.
- Lightning Flash (Electric Hand): A lightning-quick flash zaps Mario and his ally.
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User Info: Playstation_007

7 years ago#3
Chargin Chief

A fairly big chargin Chuck that has dark football gear, and has spikes on his shoulder pads and helmet.

Hp: 75
Defense: 2

Tackle: His standard attack, he charges at you and tackles you for 5 damage.
Baseballs: He throws 3 balls at you which do 3 damage each.
Football: He kicks a football that always goes for the person in the back for 4 damage, and it may cause dizziness.
Blitz: (he does this when his life gets below 30) He summons a bunch of chargin chucks to run through you and your partner. It hits both of you 8 times each for 2 damage a piece.
Waterboy: A water boy comes and gives him a bottle of water which he drinks to gain 20 health. He does this randomly so he could even do it when he has full health.
Huddle: (he does this when his life goes below 20) He calls a bunch of chargin chucks to do a huddle. He then randomly gets 1 of 4 effects: Attack + 2, Defense + 2, Dodgy, and double turns for 3 turns. Attack + 2 increases all of his attacks by 2, which makes the baseballs pretty dangerous and the Blitz extremely dangerous.

He is an optional boss that becomes accessible after the 5th chapter.
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User Info: 10000_needles

7 years ago#4
Boss of 4th chapter, is trying to steal the Crystal Heart from the yoshi's living near the beach of Sunbaked Atol.

1st part

SEAL guys X4

runs towards you then jumps on you. 3Atk
jumps from his position to you directly. 3Atk
can only attack character in front.

2nd part

AH-64 Ocean Knight gunship
Isnt affected by ground attacks.

Shoots a green and long bullet bill (that looks like a missile) that explodes. 3Atk on party
Shoots with gatling gun. 4X1Atk on character in front.
Attacks half of its turns.
Spawns a SEAL guy per turn, which can attack the following turn.
Once you destroy the chopper you still have to deal with the shy guys.

Final part

Admiral guy's Sub
Is out of range of ground based attacks and is immune to fire.
The Sub dives every 4 turns to reload. It cant attack but is invincible during that turn

Admiral guy uses the machine gun on his sub. 4X1Atk on character in front.
The Sub mouth opens, revealing a flametherower that fires. 3Atk on party and burns
Admiral guy throws a SEAL guy on you. 3Atk on any party member

Torpedo ted launcher
same as above

On Admiral guy's 2nd and 4th turn,the sub dives and fires torpedo teds which come out of the water and blow up the party. 2X4Atk on each party member.

User Info: Albac0re

7 years ago#5
It's the return of...

Jr. Troopa

"After all this time I come to get my revenge!"

Tattle:Is that Jr. Troopa?!!! He's got Max HP of 50, Atk of 10 and Def at 4. It seems he's still got those wing and spike on whats left of his egg and that wand can pack a punch. look out Mario he can ram us at high speed. What did you do to piss him off?

Swoop Kick: Swoops in and kicks Mario or ally.
Wand Attack: Swings wand to attack character in front.
Charge: Raises wand to increase power by 2.
Dive Bomber: Dives into Mario & co. and stuns ally.
Guard: Hides behind what's left of his eggshell.

"You haven't seen the last of me!!!"
he run's off.
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User Info: Rhodechill

7 years ago#6
^Yo what the **** your username is incredibly random.
Crystal King >:o

User Info: MarioPenguin5

7 years ago#7
Pengwin - 100 HP - 7 Attack - 0 Defense

Tobbagon Rush - 7 Attack to front party member
Snowball Throw - 10 Attack to front party member, 50% of freeze
Sled Crack - 15 Attack to one member

Tattle: That's Pengwin, the champ of the Glitz Pit! He has 100 HP, 7 Base attack, and no defense. That 7 Attack is only base! Watch out for snowball throw, it'll freeze ya! We need to take him down fast!

Reward: Title Belt, Pengwin joins the party in chapter 4.
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User Info: MarioPenguin5

7 years ago#8
broseth i think that's the joke
Trolls have taken over our Mystic Bell Towers. I tried a fire spell on them, but it only made them crazier!
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User Info: Dark_Koopatrol

7 years ago#9
Hey Rhode,chill man! Chill Out!
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User Info: MarioPenguin5

7 years ago#10
Nah man, I understand him

I hate people with random names as well

Trolls have taken over our Mystic Bell Towers. I tried a fire spell on them, but it only made them crazier!
*insert remark that I'm named after Pungry*

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