Best Partner Contest! Day 8: Goombario vs. Bombette

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User Info: Rhodechill

7 years ago#1
Hey hey hey! I'm doing a contest where I pair up 2 of Mario's partners/pixls from the Paper Mario Series and we then vote one which one is better. The one with the most votes by the end of each day advances, and we continue this trend until only one remains. So, who's ready?

All matchups are determined from the list randomizer over at

Useful links containing pictures and information about the partners & pixls:


Parakarry VS Dottie: WINNER: Parakarry
Tippi VS Sushie: WINNER: Sushie
Ms. Mowz VS Dashell: WINNER: Ms. Mowz
Carrie VS Koops: WINNER: Koops
Bow VS Slim: WINNER: Bow
Piccolo VS Goombella: WINNER: Goombella
Admiral Bobbery VS Thoreau: WINNER: Admiral Bobbery

Goombario VS Bombette
Yoshi VS Boomer
Vivian VS Lackilester
Kooper VS Fleep
Watt VS Flurrie
Tipitron VS Thudley
Cudge VS Barry

To all those complaining about the Pixls- if they're eliminated this round, that can only mean round 2 will be a lot more intense.


Last time Admiral Bobbery defeated Thoreau 5-1.

Today we have Goombario vs. Bombette.

Please Copy & Paste the list:

I vote for Goombario. I like Bombette, too, especially when she says she's blow up Mario if he hit her with his hammer during the Duplighost armada in the Crystal Palace. But Goombario's better IMO.

Goombario - 1
Bombette - 0
Crystal King >:o

User Info: FierceDiety128

7 years ago#2
Goombario - 1
Bombette - 1

I'd have to go with Bombette since I never really liked Goombario all that much. He never really seemed too important and I forgot he was there half the time. Bombette is more useful out of battle as well, and I can't really say that for Goombario.

User Info: Marioguy5

7 years ago#3
Goombario +1
He isn't the greatest fighter ever,but has a great personality.
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User Info: mariofan619

7 years ago#4
Goombario. He has no personality, but then again, no one did in PM 1.

Plus he has a hat.
Mini Mii, NOT mariofan. |
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User Info: strongo9

7 years ago#5
Goombario - 3
Bombette - 2

Learn to update the list people. Bombette was one of my most used partners, I love her powerful explosion attacks.
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User Info: LUlGI

7 years ago#6
Goombario - 3
Bombette - 3

Bombette is one of the sexiest characters in any video game ever.
Come into my mansion.

User Info: waluigi42

7 years ago#7
Goombario - 3
Bombette - 4
^DOES HE?^ (Also, go to Pilot WIngs Resort 3DS page. A good looking game needs more attention!)

User Info: clubs10

7 years ago#8
Goombario - 3
Bombette - 5
Bombette is just plain better in every way.
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User Info: MarioPenguin5

7 years ago#9
Goombario - 4
Bombette - 5
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User Info: lightbringer14

7 years ago#10

I liked her a whole lot better than goombario
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