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mario should face a new evil in this game.

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  3. mario should face a new evil in this game.

User Info: tehjonbro

6 years ago#11

The Paper Mario final bosses are as follows:
Bowser, then Peach, then Luigi.
At this rate it would make sense if the final boss of this game was Mario.
The hero becoming the villian in some shape or form is one of the few ways I think Paper Mario 3DS could have a crazier story than Super Paper Mario where all existence was nearly destroyed.

User Info: GameBeaten

6 years ago#12
First game had Bowser (the usual evil), second game had evil from space, third game had evil from another dimension, and Paper Mario 3DS will have evil come from below the ground. Meaning Mario will take on the Monty Mole Empire.
I've been waiting for Nintendo to reveal a handheld with the 3DS's graphics since 2003.

User Info: fPaperMariob

6 years ago#13

Stone sheet clippers!

User Info: Shadow91111

6 years ago#14
He should take on the real Mario.
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User Info: Plumber_Legend

6 years ago#15
[This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]

User Info: xanpanman

6 years ago#16
I think he should face...a PAPER BOY OF DOOM!!!!
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  3. mario should face a new evil in this game.

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