Paper Mario 3DS Predictions!

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User Info: tehjonbro

7 years ago#1
I don't know, I guess this is a topic for predictions about the game rather than suggestions or hopes for what the game includes.

My predictions:
- PM3DS's gameplay, general layout, and difficulty will be most similar to Paper Mario for the N64.
- The enemies will be as awesome as they were in The Thousand-Year Door.
- Most of the switch and shapeshifting puzzles in the other games will be replaced with touchscreen-based decal puzzles.
- There will be eight chapters in the game and at least four of them will look like worlds from NSMB.
- This will be the best 3DS game and the second-best game in the Paper Mario series :D

I'm not too in-depth though. Factors like story, characters, partners, abilities etc. could also be mentioned in predictions.

User Info: MarioPenguin5

7 years ago#2
-There will be blood

I mean penguins of course

And as a partner
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User Info: awesomespy

7 years ago#3
-About half of the partners will be new, while the other half will remain rip-offs of the partners from the other games.
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User Info: Sakurafanboy

7 years ago#4
-Peach interludes

Team Gracidea - We live to love!
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User Info: Dark_Koopatrol

7 years ago#5
Paper Mario 3DS Predictions!
Koopatrol and Piranhas, angry and hungry. About to invade your town. You better watch out!

User Info: marioman11

7 years ago#6
-The Koopa Kids and Bowser Jr. will appear, possibly be bosses
-Past partners will make cameos
-Mario will get a new attack option(perhaps actually use fire?)
-There will be more than 8 chapters, or an pro-game story
-There will be 8 partners
-Luigi will have a better role. Possibly help you in some way?
-There will be another item to collect along with the star pieces and shine sprites(or whatever they will be.)
-This will have the best story ever in a paper mario game
-Pit of 100 Trials will be replaced with something similar.

User Info: nopieghost

7 years ago#7
-this will not be the last post in this topic

User Info: paperweegee2

7 years ago#8
-You'll have to travel across space with an annoying, green alien prince who just can't hold certain things in.

Oh wait...

For real:

-My prequel will be the main antagonist, and I will be the FINAL BOSS! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!
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User Info: eevee12

7 years ago#9
-Mr. dragon will be in
-The koopa flute will be in
-A pilotwings cameo in PM, or a PM reference in pilotwings
-I will play it
-Mario will not be the main character, instead you will play as a CYAN yoshi (They're the best colour yoshi, you know it) and Mario will be shredded and used in the litter that you sleep in)
-There will be a text bubble
-There will be a sign. A sign of impending doom
-Francis will be in as a waiter
- There will be partners. And blood. And partners with blood. And blood with partners
-Someone will complain about it
-A radically new feature will be in that will be hated by fanboys that don't like change
-Someone will ask if this game is compatible with their DS (oh wait....)
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User Info: waluigi42

7 years ago#10
There were several refrences in that above post... I think.

If the 42 meant waluigis, then YES! (thanks, if thats what you meant!XD)

-42 waluigis will be in it.
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