Best Partner Contest! Day 15: Ms. Mowz VS Koops

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User Info: Rhodechill

7 years ago#1
Hey hey hey! I'm doing a contest where I pair up 2 of Mario's partners/pixls from the Paper Mario Series and we then vote one which one is better. The one with the most votes by the end of each day advances, and we continue this trend until only one remains. So, who's ready?

All matchups are determined from the list randomizer over at

Useful links containing pictures and information about the partners & pixls:


Sushie VS Kooper: WINNER: Sushie

Ms. Mowz VS Koops
Bow VS Tipitron
Admiral Bobbery VS Bombette
Barry VS Goombella
Parakarry VS Watt
Yoshi Kid VS Vivian

[Round 1]

Comments: None.


Previously Sushie beat Kooper 6-8.

Fer our next match we have Ms. Mowz vs. Koops.

Please Copy & Paste the list:

I actually never had Ms. Mowz as a partner :S
So I will pass on my vote for today.

Ms. Mowz - 0
Koops - 0
Crystal King >:o

User Info: MarioPenguin5

7 years ago#2
Ms. Mowz - 1
Koops - 0

But she's quite easy to get. I liked her personality more than Spook.
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User Info: strongo9

7 years ago#3
Ms. Mowz - 2
Koops - 0

IDK, both of these characters were both generally boring to me. Ms. Mowz because I used her item finding abilities after the game a lot.
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Paper Mario, Kirby's Epic Yarn, and Donkey Kong Country Returns.

User Info: FierceDiety128

7 years ago#4
Ms. Mowz - 3
Koops - 0

Hard choice, I didn't really like either of them too much.

User Info: Knuckles07

7 years ago#5
Ms. Mowz - 4
Koops - 0
Current Addiction: SUPER MARIO GALAXY 2
"Where did you get that accent from - Sesame Street? 'Von, two, three - THREE victims! Mwa-ha-ha!' "

User Info: FieryMailbox

7 years ago#6
Ms. Mowz- 4
Koops- 1

I actually used Koops a lot in late game because of he didn't use a lot of FP.
"He...will...find you. He will hit you...with a spoon! Again....and again...and again n' again n' again!"

User Info: Xermayes739

7 years ago#7
Ms. Mowz- 4
Koops- 2

koops is awesome. Koopa+hoody+self-confidence problems=One fine partner
"Half of the world is a idiot" - anonymous
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User Info: SlargTheGnome

7 years ago#8
Ms. Mowz- 4
Koops- 3

koops is awesome. Koopa+hoody+self-confidence problems+break dancing=One fine partner
*to the tune of Goldenrod City*
Kooper, Bombette, Parakarry, Bow... Lakilester, Watt and Sushie and Goombario~! <3

User Info: Vipsoccermaster

7 years ago#9
Ms. Mowz: 5
Koops: 3

Both are good, but I choose Ms. Mowz.
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