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User Info: waluigi42

7 years ago#1
Paper Kirby! Yay!

P.S. Martha Stewart is back in the top 10! I hope they don't resume trolling!

User Info: MarioPenguin5

7 years ago#2
Paper Hockey
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User Info: FFZeldaAddicted

7 years ago#3
Wow, TC stole my idea even before I entered this topic. Harsh.
Paper Zelda (or Zelda RPG: The Legend of the Seven Wise Men)
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User Info: eevee12

7 years ago#4
Paper pilotwings
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User Info: Rhodechill

7 years ago#5
Paper Zelda.
Crystal King >:o

User Info: Sid3wind3r12

7 years ago#6
Paper Halo
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User Info: Rhodechill

7 years ago#7
Paper Paperboy
Crystal King >:o

User Info: LightHawKnight

7 years ago#8
I would love a paper kirby, hell i would take any rpg kirby, that would be so much fun, though i wonder how his inhaling ability will work in an rpg.
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User Info: Kirby321

7 years ago#9
Paper Luigi!
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User Info: MetaKirbyFan

7 years ago#10

From: Rhodechill | Posted: 9/7/2010 10:12:50 AM | #007
Paper Paperboy



Anyway, Paper Pokemon.

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