Best Partner Contest! Day 17: Admiral Bobbery VS Bombette

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User Info: Rhodechill

6 years ago#1
Hey hey hey! I'm doing a contest where I pair up 2 of Mario's partners/pixls from the Paper Mario Series and we then vote one which one is better. The one with the most votes by the end of each day advances, and we continue this trend until only one remains. So, who's ready?

All matchups are determined from the list randomizer over at

Useful links containing pictures and information about the partners & pixls:


Sushie VS Kooper: WINNER: Sushie
Ms. Mowz VS Koops: WINNER: Ms. Mowz
Bow VS Tipitron: WINNER: Bow

Admiral Bobbery VS Bombette
Barry VS Goombella
Parakarry VS Watt
Yoshi Kid VS Vivian

[Round 1]


Oh yeah, and school begins for me Sept 9, so I might miss a day every now and then. I apologize.


Previously Bow beat Tipitron 112-2.

I mean 12-2.

Fer our next match we have Admiral Bobbery vs. Bombette! A showdown of bombs!

Please Copy & Paste the list:

I vote for Bombette =)

Admiral Bobbery - 0
Bombette - 1
Crystal King >:o

User Info: LightningYoshi

6 years ago#2
Admiral Bobbery - 0
Bombette - 2
Because girls like guys who stand near flames.

User Info: Frasier_Crane

6 years ago#3
Admiral Bobbery - 1
Bombette - 2
You stole my mommy!

User Info: yoda2323

6 years ago#4
Admiral Bobbery - 1
Bombette - 3

Bombette for originality. If TTYD came out before the original then I might have voted for Bobbery.
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User Info: FieryMailbox

6 years ago#5
Admiral Bobbery- 1
Bombette- 4
"He...will...find you. He will hit you...with a spoon! Again....and again...and again n' again n' again!"

User Info: mariostar0001

6 years ago#6
Admiral Bobbery- 2
Bombette- 4

Definitely Bobbery, sailor bomb > pink bomb.
If are a JESUS FREAK and are 100% proud put this as your sig. Favorite Video Game Characters: Mario, Sonic, Kirby and Yoshi.

User Info: awesomespy

6 years ago#7
Admiral Bobbery- 3
Bombette- 4

Bombette was just too lacking in personality.
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User Info: FierceDiety128

6 years ago#8
I like both of them, but I'll pick Bobbery. If only because I feel bad for him :(

Admiral Bobbery- 4
Bombette- 4

User Info: aftershock576

6 years ago#9
Admiral Bobbery- 5
Bombette- 4

User Info: paperweegee2

6 years ago#10
Admiral Bobbery- 6
Bombette- 4
MW2 from the small mind of a 12 year-old:
"MW2 is teh ub3r p0wnz3rs!" Fascinating!
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