Favorite normal enemy in the Paper Mario series?

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  3. Favorite normal enemy in the Paper Mario series?

User Info: tehjonbro

6 years ago#1
(in contrast to FieryMailbox's topic "What's your least favorite normal enemy . . . ?")

Personally I love Green Fuzzies. If you fight them as they keep multiplying, you can get a really quick 100 star points in one battle :D

User Info: FieryMailbox

6 years ago#2
How did I NOT know that someone would post this? I'm gonna say Hammer Bros.
"He...will...find you. He will hit you...with a spoon! Again....and again...and again n' again n' again!"

User Info: TectonicImprov

6 years ago#3
I'll just say It for the little kid in me....
Koopatrol. They're koopas In armor... with SPIKES! Those guys are the best.
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User Info: xanpanman

6 years ago#4
I think a GOOOOMBAA!!!!!! They're so easy to beat!

User Info: weegee580

6 years ago#5
Boo. They've always been my favorite enemy.
Go Weegee!
I don't know why, but I can't get the word "bob-omb" out of my head >_<

User Info: the_system_94

6 years ago#6
Boos cuz they are just so awesome!
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User Info: Rhodechill

6 years ago#7
So many to choose from. Koopas, Goombas, I love just about everything. I'd probably have to do a tournament bracket style to find out my favorite.
Crystal King >:o

User Info: zombiekid21

6 years ago#8
Mine is that turtle with the knight outfit
and dull bones

User Info: bigstar66

6 years ago#9
Shy Guys. At that point in PM, it's right after you get Star Storm, so with a pack of 4 Shy Guys one hit kills all.
Dragonwarriordude 6 years ago#10
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  3. Favorite normal enemy in the Paper Mario series?

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