One thing I loved about the original...

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User Info: psychoboo13

7 years ago#11
I have to disagree. Bowser has never presented a threat to me, as he isn't usually much of a challenge, with the possible exception of NSMB wii. This being said, I like it when he is more goofy, as it lends itself to the constantly-pummeled villain character.
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User Info: WileBowser

7 years ago#12
Any body who suggested that Bowser should be more of an idiot has to be ****ing himself.
I don't want Bowser to be degraded just for ****s and giggles, and make him suffer massive villain decay, Bowser being a humourous and sinister villain is a much more well balanced portrayal.

The guy took over the mushroom kingdom, took hostages, controlled a powerful object and is one of the few villains to beat down Mario.

If you don't think he's a threat, then you don't know the definition of it.

User Info: PT_Piranha

7 years ago#13
Well TC, I can see what you're getting it and I'll agree that he did a good job as the antagonist in that game. More games should do that if it weren't for the fact that the platform games don't focus on story like Paper Mario.

But that said, I really like his role in TTYD too. He starts out as a jealous side threat, but all throughout the game he gets closer to catching up to Mario and gets even stronger (from 30 hp to 70 hp) and it finally comes to a head in Chapter 8 where he (and Kammy) finally become a threat for Mario. Yeah, not as great as the first game but it's still one of the things I love about TTYD.
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User Info: Taidusu413

7 years ago#14
I loved Bowser in the original Paper Mario
Because the final boss music
was METAL!
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