Do you think they'll switch up the battle system?

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  3. Do you think they'll switch up the battle system?

User Info: ocarinaoftasi

7 years ago#1
Maybe make it similar to that of BiS or other portable Mario RPGs. It would be interesting, but personally I would prefer the classic Paper Mario combat.
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User Info: MegaForest

7 years ago#2
based on the screenshots, i'd say it will probably stay more or less the same. there may be a few changes here and there, but i think it will probably stick to the classic paper mario formula. besides, I think that our palls at Nint10d0h know 1 thing: if it ain't broke, don't fix it.
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User Info: Elec Man EXE

Elec Man EXE
7 years ago#3
Its already pretty similar to both Mario and Luigi and Mario RPG. You've got the whole timing / specific action to power up attacks, timing to avoid attacks or reduce damage, special moves (each game taking a slightly different route with them, but still more or less the same in general), ect. All of the major battle mechanics are pretty similar between the 3.

There are slight differences, of course. Mario and Luigi has 2 set characters, Paper Mario has 1 set character and 1 changable character, and Mario RPG has 1 set and 2 changable. Mario and Luigi focuses on outright avoiding damage altogether, where the others are more reduction (aside from Superguarding). Mario RPG gives all characters a set of specials, Paper Mario gives both characters their own standard attacks (some of which could be considered specials) and gives Mario a list of actual specials. Mario and Luigi gives you a set of standard commands, and combined specials. But those are all pretty minor.

The only big difference is the perspective, where Paper Mario is on a flat plane, Mario and Luigi is on a right to left 3D plane, and Mario RPG is on a top to bottom 3D plane.

I'm not really sure how it could become more similar without just outright adopting the exact battle system of one of the other games.

But anyway, I hope Paper Mario stays just as it is (or was in the first 2 games). And by the look of the screens, its more or less going to.
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User Info: Kuhnert

7 years ago#4
This follows in line with the paper mario series.

They will copy and paste the battle system from TTYD, and update it similar to how they did updates from the original PM.


They took the battle system from MaL and updated that in PiT, which then again was slightly updated in BiS.

Don't expect to much other than straight plain in simple fun with the combat systems.

User Info: strongo9

7 years ago#5
Paper Mario will probably stick with the system of defending for less damage and M & L will probably stick with the system of dodging, blocking, and countering to avoid damage.
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User Info: kc2go2

7 years ago#6
I hope they switch it back to the TYD.... SPM just plain sucked since you could easily defeat enemies.... I litterallySPOILERS

Took out the final guy in a minute because of that one pixel you hop on to use Bowser's flame when jumping, so it was stomp stomp burn stomp burn Repeat.

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User Info: Electric_Sonic

7 years ago#7
It'll be the same as PM and TTYD, more or less, I would think.

However, I wonder if they'll have some kind of new change to it akin to the crowd in TTYD.

User Info: daniel1232323

7 years ago#8
they would probably change it up some how. not too much though,

User Info: terrareus

7 years ago#9
In a word: nope.

User Info: vyseskies

7 years ago#10
Super paper mario is the worst paper mario ever firstly because of its battle system
I hope for the good old battle system.
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