do you want luigi and yoshi as party members? Y or N

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  3. do you want luigi and yoshi as party members? Y or N

User Info: papery0shi2

6 years ago#11
Luigi: NO, we already have him in the M&L series, thats more than enough

Yoshi: YES! I would want an Adult Yoshi this time :)
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User Info: MetaKirbyFan

6 years ago#12

From: papery0shi2 | Posted: 9/28/2010 8:16:22 PM | #011
Yoshi: YES! I would want an Adult Yoshi this time :)

Baby Yoshi > Adult Yoshi.
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User Info: Earthisnotflat

6 years ago#13
Luigi: Absolutely not.

Yoshi: Yes, but only cause I love Yoshis. Looking at it objectively though, it's not a good idea. Partners should be unique. We've already had a Yoshi partner before, and a main character like the Yoshi would be a bad idea. However, I'd love to see some type of side-quest that would allow you to play as Paper Yoshi! :D
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User Info: Ray_Ledgend_46

6 years ago#14
Nah. I mean, I wouldn't mind Yoshi again, I just wouldn't love to see him. Not Luigi, though . . . but if they want to let me play as Luigi between chapters, then I'm all cool with it =P
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User Info: paperweegee2

6 years ago#15
Luigi: This isn't Paper Mario and Luigi.

Yoshi: Kinda.
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User Info: Sid3wind3r12

6 years ago#16
no to luigi
yes to yoshi
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User Info: Elec Man EXE

Elec Man EXE
6 years ago#17

Luigi would be too similar to Mario. Having Luigi as a partner would be like having 2 Mario's, except one wouldn't be able to wear badges and such. And even if they did manage to give him a totally unique moveset, still no. I like my classic Mario enemy partners.

As for Yoshi... Even though I love Yoshi, we've already had a Yoshi partner, and like I said, I like my classic Mario enemy partners. I can go to any of the other half a dozen games featuring Yoshi if I need a Yoshi fix, give me my unique Mario enemies as allies that you can't find anywhere else.
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User Info: Dark_Koopatrol

6 years ago#18
Luigi, if he was ass luigi.
Yoshi, if he was yellow and lesbian.

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User Info: Retrotoro

6 years ago#19
Luigi: No, not as a party member.
Yoshi: Only if there was an interesting new twist on it.

User Info: Balthor 2001

Balthor 2001
6 years ago#20
At first I was like: Y
Then I was like: N
Birdo and Shy-Guy for partners!
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  3. do you want luigi and yoshi as party members? Y or N

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