Badge Contest: Day 16

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User Info: Rhodechill

6 years ago#1
A few badges go head to head. Vote for whatever you like better. The one with the most votes advances and the others get eliminated. This trend continues until one badge remains.

-2 votes per person
-Votes within first 24 hours are counted only (also I may close topic earlier than 24 hours)
-Only I (Rhodechill) will be making these topics unless stated otherwise
-List order randomized at
-No changing your vote.


Head Rattle
Dodge Master
Mega Smash
D-Down Pound
D-Down Jump
Deep Focus
Pity Flower
Power Bounce
S. Jump Charge
Tornado Jump
Zap Tap
Mega Rush
Flower Finder
Attack FX G
Triple Dip
Power Quake
Attack FX D
Dizzy Attack
I Spy
Ice Power
Power Smash
Damage Doge
S. Smash Charge
Hammer Throw
Attack FX Y
Ice Smash
Sleep Stomp
Shrink Stomp
Power Smash

Power Jump
L Emblem
Lucky Day
Spike Shield
Feeling Fine
Fire Drive
Money Money
Mega Jump
Defend Plus
Quick Change
Attack FX E
Smash Charge
Speedy Spin
All or Nothing

Two votes. Copy and paste the list. No changing your vote.

New rule. Obey it. Strogno9, your vote change was fine last time because I didn't say you couldn't, but don't in the future.

Quake Hammer - 0
P-Up, D-Down - 0
Peekaboo - 2
HP Plus - 0
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User Info: strongo9

6 years ago#2
Quake Hammer - 0
P-Up, D-Down - 0
Peekaboo - 2
HP Plus - 2
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User Info: yoda2323

6 years ago#3
Quake Hammer - 1
P-Up, D-Down - 0
Peekaboo - 2
HP Plus - 3
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User Info: Xermayes739

6 years ago#4
Quake Hammer - 1
P-Up, D-Down - 0
Peekaboo - 4
HP Plus - 3
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User Info: Lord_Ichmael

6 years ago#5
Quake Hammer - 2
P-Up, D-Down - 1
Peekaboo - 4
HP Plus - 3
Quake Hammer - Great for hitting multiple high-defense enemies or flipping spiky-shelled enemies over, but Spike Shield and D-Down Pound/D-Down Jump/Piercing Blow also cover those.
P-Up, D-Down - Nice for extra power in a pinch but the defense decrease is very unappealing. I prefer Power Plus despite the much higher BP cost.
Peekaboo - I have the HP of some enemies memorized and tattle on all of them anyway so this isn't very useful.
HP Plus - Largely unnecessary unless you don't have very high HP in the first place, are low on healing items, and/or suck at superguarding in TTYD only. I use it for filler on PM, though. Not a whole lot of other options in that game.

User Info: mariostar0001

6 years ago#6
Quake Hammer - 4
P-Up, D-Down - 1
Peekaboo - 4
HP Plus - 3
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User Info: FierceDiety128

6 years ago#7
Quake Hammer - 4
P-Up, D-Down - 1
Peekaboo - 5
HP Plus - 4

User Info: Kirby321

6 years ago#8
Quake Hammer - 4
P-Up, D-Down - 1
Peekaboo - 6
HP Plus - 4

Peekaboo helped me because I didn't want to waste time by using Goombella. However, if you have Quick Change, then this badge is utterly useless.
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