Most touching moment in the Paper Mario series

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User Info: 1000redips

7 years ago#1
What would you say is the most touching moment in the Paper Mario series?

I'd say in PM when Twink says goodbye to Mario and Peach. The music really makes the moment.

User Info: GreenHeroofTime

7 years ago#2
The death of a computer. I forgot his name and I know that he still lives but that was sad. Poor guy just wanted some love.
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User Info: netopDAP92

7 years ago#3
TEC twas his name.
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User Info: Koopalmier

7 years ago#4
TEC being shut down by the X-Nauts and trying to tell Peach his love, but stopping to function at the very last moment. He then "came back to life" with back-up datas and sacrificed himself to allow Mario and co to go back to Earth. The X-Nauts' base came back with the power of the Crystal Stars, but it was a bit sad.

And pretty much the whole plot of SPM was dramatic.
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User Info: SlargTheGnome

7 years ago#5
A certain letter-reading scene in TTYD... :'( *bawls*
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User Info: G-Scythe

7 years ago#6
^OMG i forgot about the letter scene with Bobbery in TTYD

yes. i played that a few months ago and found myself crying. and I'm 18...

User Info: Lord_Ichmael

7 years ago#7
Definitely the letter. I teared up a bit after reading that on my second playthrough (but not the first time oddly).

User Info: daniel1232323

7 years ago#8
i think super paper mario had the most touching moments.

paper mario ttyd was touching. when the computer died....but you know that moment goes away the second you beat the game. because the computer actually survived and regained all its data. paper mario when twink flew away wasn't that touching, maybe to peach only. super paper mario had an ending where two people who loved each other sacrificed them self's for a greater good. you do not know what happened to them, they do not explain it. but at the end of the credit's it shows them living happily. all you that they are together.

User Info: Kirby321

7 years ago#9
Podley's tale of Bobbery and Scarlett's letter.
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User Info: NameNotKnown

7 years ago#10
Anytime I leave Glitzville.
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