Badge Contest: Day 25: ROUND #2!

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User Info: Rhodechill

6 years ago#1
A few badges go head to head. Vote for whatever you like better. The one with the most votes advances and the others get eliminated. This trend continues until one badge remains.

-2 votes per person
-Votes within first 24 hours are counted only (also I may close topic earlier than 24 hours)
-Only I (Rhodechill) will be making these topics unless stated otherwise
-List order randomized at
-No changing your vote.


Power Jump
Damage Dodge
D-Down Jump
Fire Drive
Triple Dip
Quick Change
Mega Smash
Power Quake
Attack FX E
Speedy Spin
Quake Hammer
Smash Charge
Money Money
Spike Shield
Power Smash
Zap Tap
Deep Focus
Lucky Day
All or Nothing
Mega Jump
Feeling Fine
L Emblem


2 votes/person. No changing your vote. 24 hours.

Hammer Throw - 0
Defend Plus - 2

I love Defend Plus.
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User Info: FYoshi

6 years ago#2
Hammer Throw - 2
Defend Plus - 2

I was more reckless in most of my playthroughs
whatever you say, just don't use the UltraShroom
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User Info: yoda2323

6 years ago#3
Hammer Throw - 2
Defend Plus - 4

Hammer Throw is rarely ever useful (unless you have something on like HP Drain or P-Down D-Up), but Defend Plus is overpowered. I guess I'll vote for Defend Plus since I used it all the time.
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User Info: farmco

6 years ago#4
It's about time I start voting in this contest.

Hammer Throw - 3
Defend Plus - 5

I never really used these badges. I used to use defend plus as a free guard when I had the BP to spare. For hammer throw, I used it when I was dying to use my hammerman badge a while back, so they're pretty much even.
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User Info: mariostar0001

6 years ago#5
Hammer Throw - 5
Defend Plus - 5
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User Info: Luigi1983

6 years ago#6
Hammer Throw- 5
Defend Plus- 7

Defend Plus is very useful if you could afford the badge points.
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User Info: SuperYoshiBros

6 years ago#7
ahhh i can't decide *jumps off cliff*
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User Info: strongo9

6 years ago#8
Hammer Throw - 5
Defend Plus - 9

Defend Plus is obtained at a very good time in the games. The enemies get stronger, but Mario's defense doesn't get better. This badge fixes that.
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User Info: FierceDiety128

6 years ago#9
Hammer Throw - 7
Defend Plus - 9

I'd say both badges are very useful in their own ways, but the low BP cost of Hammer Throw, as well as the point you get it in the game makes it very useful IMO. Especially if your partner can't attack spiked enemies, and you want to eliminate them as fast as possible.

It could also take out swoopers and other enemies that hung on the ceiling with relative ease.

User Info: VIncolo

6 years ago#10

Hammer Throw - 7
Defend Plus - 10

Never used Hammer Throw..

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