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User Info: SoulreaperX112

6 years ago#1
I have been bust with reports and assignments i had no time to really check much up on the 3ds or this game for that matter. Did i miss anything within the last couple of months(i stoped checking around september)?
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User Info: yoda2323

6 years ago#2
I think there were like 3 new images posted but that's it. I don't remember when this was revealed but there's also a video of Mario using a frog suit that works like a very powerful Multibounce.
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User Info: Earthisnotflat

6 years ago#3
Hahaha, Yoda, I just saw your sig. That is what Lost will to do ya. :D
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User Info: squidman1000

6 years ago#4
Instead of badges you get battle stickers
old battle format (Ttyd 64 )
This chain chomp is behind you in battles in like 4 images
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