What challenges have you done with previous PMs?

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  3. What challenges have you done with previous PMs?

User Info: Cartwheel_Kick

5 years ago#1
I'm sure you've also replayed PM and PM:TTYD a bunch of times, so

a)what specific challenges have you tried during replays?

While you're at it,
b)how hard were they?
c)how fun?

example: limited or no hp/fp/bp upgrades

User Info: UltraCantaloupe

5 years ago#2
SPM: Minimum Level (charging through not killing anything but forced fights)

Fun: Lots
Difficulty: None

...That's it really. I like to play through normally more than do challenge runs.
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User Info: LightningYoshi

5 years ago#3
In The Thousand-Year Door, the fact that you have to pay to use Heart Blocks completely turned me off from the idea.

So I refused to use Heart Blocks at all.

Although I have used the one in front of the Riddle Tower and the very last one before.

But those aside, I usually go through without using Heart Blocks.

I also didn't like using inns, but that plan fell through halfway through Chapter 3.

However, I make sure to grab Unsimplifiers as soon as absolutely possible when they become available, and then I immediately equip them.

I just like the idea of Action Commands with double Unsimplifier goodness.

So basically, I usually play through TTYD as a No-Heart Block Double Unsimplifier Run.

Easy as cake.
I have fun.

Oh! And Double Pain helps.
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User Info: Will_1231

5 years ago#4
I attempted a low HP run in Paper Mario, only leveling up badges and stuff, but since I usually tend to fight all enemies, I ended up over-leveling by Chapter 7. It was pretty fun, but when you played the game as much as me and have access to the Danger badges and Chill Out, it's pretty exploitable.

I'm attempting the same in TTYD doing the Danger Run, but the rumors about the challenge being absent due to the benefits have proven absolutely true. Still lots of fun to rack up massive damage with Power Bounces without having to charge, though. =p
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User Info: Kirbydamasta

5 years ago#5
I will ask this, has anybody here completed a Pre-Hooktail Pit of 100 Trials?
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User Info: Krisipoke

5 years ago#6
I did a low-level run in the first game, where I only done forced fights. I also only upgraded BP when I did level up, and never HP or FP.

It was fun, but not THAT challenging.
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User Info: Giles_Glicer

5 years ago#7
The Pit is easy once you are on a high level. Only difficulty is the final battle, because the boss has 200 HP. I finished twice.

User Info: dillon112244

5 years ago#8
I completed a Pre-Hooktail run, I failed it on my first attempt, but beat it on my second.

I've also done a 10 HP Pit run right after completing chapter 4.

The Pre-Hooktail Run was extremely challenging especially levels 80-99, and I went in lacking any really great items (No Shooting Stars, Thunder Rages, Ultra Shrooms, Jammin Jellies, etc). I went into Bonetail with not much HP because of the Elite Wizzerds on floor 99, but managed to consistently superguard his fire attacks.

User Info: Nuclear_Pie

5 years ago#9
- PM64 -

-No Action Commands
-No Guarding
-No Starpowers
-No Heart Blocks/Toad Houses
-No Power Plus/Defend Plus

It is quite fun, and it requires the use of items for mere survival.

I highly recommend this run for PM64, show it some love since TTYD seems to get all the challenge run glory.
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User Info: SpunkySix

5 years ago#10
Well, I one hundred percented TYD, if that counts.

Difficulty: Meh, the Pit of 100 Jerks is kind of a butt, but the rest isn't so bad, it just takes a lot of effort and time. And internet searches.

Fun: Definitely. A metric ****ton of backtracking is involved, but the feeling of completion is totally worth it. After doing it, I have realized that TYD is easily in my top five favorite games of all time. Seeing just how many side quests and secrets are hidden in the game gives you so much more appreciation for it.
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