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User Info: paper_olimar

5 years ago#1
Have we actually seen anything relating to a story or plot, for this game? Paper Mario is probably my favorite series of all time, and part of that reason is the charm, beauty, and artistic value that came from the characters, bosses, locations, and story. (Like most RPGs.)

Paper Mario (N64) had my favorite world, locations, and story. TTYD is tied. The partners were the best yet, and the story was amazingly deep for a Mario game. Super Paper Mario was... eehhh. The story was pretty good, but the characters were extremely bland, (the npcs and pixl partners) save for a few villains. (Dimentio, O'Chunks, Mimi) I mean, they were all randomly shaped and colored blocks. And Aside from the main story ones, (Like the angel pixl in the Underwhere chapter) they were pretty forgettable. Even the ones that mimicked past characters, like the Merlon, the archaeologist and cooking lady. They weren't nearly as charming as the original Merlon, Kolorado or Tayce T. and Zess T.

And the locales felt very tacked on. We actually had to find a way to get to each place in the other Paper Marios. (A whale to get to an island, an underground sewer to get to the beautiful Boggly woods, traversing a giant desert to reach a ruin, a magical door to get to flower fields, I could go on.) It made it feel more immersive and real, when you actually had to solve a puzzle or find a way to travel and walk the distance yourself to a far off land, and wondering how you'll get back. In Super Paper Mario, it was just: Random door = Prehistoric times or Outer Space. It had no feeling.

I want to see beautiful environments, lovable characters, and an amazing story like the first two Paper Mario games. But right now, it only looks like this game is playing off the 3D and sticker mechanics. I mean, that's fine, but I'm afraid that they're focusing too much on that, instead of what made the older Paper Mario games what they were. I think that might be what happened to Super Paper Mario... (Don't get me wrong. I love Super Paper Mario. It's a great game, that I still play. But it's my least favorite Paper Mario.)

I haven't been following this game for a while, but the last I heard, there was no word on any Story or new characters. The only locations I've seen are the basic grassy plain and volcano looking level, but that's it. Can anyone fill me in on anything new? Thank you.
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User Info: toyota172

5 years ago#3
watch the trailer. there are 4-5 distinct places in it.

and the E3 trailer shows 3 more areas
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User Info: SpunkySix

5 years ago#4
I understand your concern, but it's probably still too early to tell.
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User Info: dking009

5 years ago#5
They said something about 6 golden stckers you need to find. I think it was golden stickers dont rember
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User Info: wiiking96

5 years ago#6
I understand your worries, TC. I feel the same way. It seems like they're just rehashing the same environments from the first game at this point.
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User Info: Giles_Glicer

5 years ago#7
People, Nintendo ALWAYS do this. They never reveal their games story. At most, they say little and unimportant things.
Don't panic! My main concern is the absence of exp points when you win battles. I'm worried because this can make the game really quick to finish.

User Info: Skyminxyz

5 years ago#8
Giles_Glicer posted...
People, Nintendo ALWAYS do this. They never reveal their games story. At most, they say little and unimportant things.
Don't panic! My main concern is the absence of exp points when you win battles. I'm worried because this can make the game really quick to finish.

It doesn't help that I heard somewhere on their official site that Bowser stole those "Sticker stars" (yeah their not golden stickers...) just as a prank to tick them off <.<

I mean ouch, at least we got a kirby reference in the PM64 game, not to mention he stole it to make any wish. Last of all I was straight out amazed when he was actually smart enough to wish he was tougher than Mario.

But really this game does it for a prank, well at least I know they practically admitted they put no thought into this game. I know defenders will bash this post, so I'll like to say theirs still a good chance I'll get this game seeing as how I even enjoined SPM. But I got a feeling were not gonna much info until November...[Just look at how long it took to even get some info on NSMB2]
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User Info: Sentinel07

5 years ago#9
I'm a little worried about this game as well, but I'll hold judgment until it comes out.

While I think it will still be a good game, I am concerned that they're taking out too many things that made PM and TTYD so fun.

User Info: ecylis

5 years ago#10
There's a sticker festival and Bowser takes the six mcguffin stickers and you have to go get them.

So far we've seen a grassland, forest, volcano, ice place, and a desert, so the chapters/worlds don't seem very creative.
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