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User Info: DRayX

5 years ago#1
Hi all. I have noticed a lot of people getting stuck on the same stuff, so I put together a list of hints to help everyone out. I tried to avoid spoilers as best as possible, but I'm sure somebody out there would consider something in here spoilers. If you have any suggestions, please let me know.

= Tip Guide =

- If you can't find one of the toads at the beginning of the game, the hoard trying to unroll the burito will give you hints.
- The green toad can be saved. The toad near the fountain isn't hearing things.

Surfshine Harbor:
- When things don't appear to have the correct orientation, you should try paperizing them.
- The lightbulb in the basement really needs to be replaced.
- The toad at the end of the peir knows how to catch fish.

- The toads will help you reach your goal.

- If the wind is too strong, try going another way.
- The crying toad will be really happy if you replace the red and blue flowers in his garden.

- You can still find the commit peice after it is stolen. Don't give up.
- Don't be afraid to fall in the water.

- Big windmill needs a big gust of wind.

- Dead trees are liable to fall over.
- Small actions can have large consequences.

- If the wind is too strong, you can always gum up the works.
- When things don't appear to have the correct orientation, you should try paperizing them.

Boss 1:
- That flag on the roof sure is blowing. You might want to bring along your own wind in case you need to blow something apart.

- There is a toad in the mountains that sells poisonous things.
- Don't worry about finding a tresure here until you find a clue.

- Sometimes things are hidden behind pillers.
- Hitting things with your head has a tendency to knock them loose.
- It is a good idea to keep your stickers organized, and to know where they are.

- Going through the same thing and expecting different results isn't always insanity (especially when things change).

- Kersti may have some ideas about the sandstorm.
- If only you could suck up all that sand.
- That pot looks like it has water in it, if only there were some way to let it out.

- There are often messages hidden in murals.
- I hate it when people get left and right backwards (so don't).

Boss 2:
- The name of the level sure implies it may be a good idea to have some sporting equipment with you.

- Reveille always wakes me up.

- Sometimes the path that is different is the right one.

- In the world of Paper Mario, even fire is made of paper.

- Some items can't be found until later.

- Sometimes to move forward, you have to go back to right next to where you came from.
- While the leaf you are riding gets stuck on that stick, you should try to do something about the missing bridge.

- That sage buterfly toad may know a thing or two about the forest. You should check with him if need guidence.
- Those secret door stickers from the shop look super useful, even though they are a little spendy.

- Don't fret loosing your friend and tools, you will find them again.

- Sometimes the way forward is hidden in the background.

- Keep an eye out for usefull tools.

- Always accept a challenge, they usually are simpler than they sound.

- Like I said, sage toad knows a thing or two.
- It can be hard to tell the difference between a hole and a puddle.

- To get anywhere, sometimes you need a helping hand (or 8).


User Info: DRayX

5 years ago#2
Boss 3:
- It would be a good idea to bring something along that can clean up all this poison. You should use it right before you get covered in poison too.

- Snow can make the roads dangerous. Sometimes the best option is to just melt it off.
- That snow-cone looks like it could use a flower on top.

- I got nothin', this one is straight forward (almost literally).

- Feel free to move the furniture (and walls) around.
- Spooky things won't show up if the lights are too bright.
- Kersti has a knack for knowing when there is something spooky in the room. If there is, she will offer a hint if you ask.
- Sometimes, it helps to look around where you started.
- Bring something with you to blow out the lights in case you get into a fight, and need to turn the lights out.
- When all is said and done, the comet piece will be outside on the roof.

- This level is just a shop (and has no secret door).

- Enjoy the ride :)

- If there is something that looks out of place, it probably is.

Boss 4:
- It would be a good idea to bring something along to defrost the boss.

- If only there was something to eat up all this garbage.
- If you are having trouble getting somewhere quick enough, you probably need to find something to give yourself a leg up.

- Running to the side of a raft can change the direction it is moving (at least in the world of Paper Mario).

- If you have trouble dodging the giant fish, try to predict where it will strike next, and move away from there.
- Sometimes rivers branch off, much like the level connections.
- When things don't appear to have the correct orientation, you should try paperizing them.

- While the edge of a blade is deadly, it is safe to stand on the side of it.
- You can't kill a chomp, but if it can't get loose when it wakes up it will kill you.

- If only there was a way to cool down that volcano (that happened to fit in that odd rectangular slot).
- Kersti knows a thing or two about falling lava.

- Chain chomps weigh a lot.
- It is hard to release a chain chomp while it is awake.

Boss 5:
- When your dizzy, it doesn't take much to be knocked over.
(honestly, I'm not exactly sure what I did to this boss)

- The royal stickers should be able to give you a hand.
- Maybe somebody in Decalburg will have seen something that can help you.

- It is amazing how much damage a giant bullet bill can do.
- if you find a whole bunch of the same uncommon sticker lying around, it is probably a good idea to pick up a few (or a bunch).

- It is a good idea to keep your stickers organized, and to know where they are.

Boss 6:
- Bring a thing of every category (I recommend the portable sizes) just to be sure. You never know what might come in handy.

Feel free to post

User Info: Snoopy44291

5 years ago#3
Sticky requested. Hopefully, this will help some players till a FAQ is submitted.
(edited 5 years ago)

User Info: Pictocheat

5 years ago#4
Was just about to make a topic about that snow cone in 4-1. I figured it had to be heat-related, so I tried using another radiator sticker and it didn't work. I didn't want to use my only Flashy Fire Flower so I left it alone for the time being, but if it can be either flower then I'll use a Shiny Ice Flower instead.

Thanks for making this topic!
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User Info: klecser

5 years ago#5
Great job wording things so that the hints give people clues, but don't totally give it away!

User Info: GamerCzar

5 years ago#6
If only Kersti were as useful as this topic :/
Chris Brown, confirmed anime fan:

User Info: Pictocheat

5 years ago#7
Update: I found a Shiny Fire Flower and used it on the snow cone, and it melted; apparently, you do need to use a Fire Flower. The hint made it seem like the flower would just be a decoration, but I suppose that's why it's a hint lol.
U say U want a Revolution
Well, U know Wii all want to change the world

User Info: DRayX

5 years ago#8
Ya, I tried to word things such that it doesn't spoil anything, and so that they don't give the puzzles away, but give you enough of a nudge that you should be able to figure them out. I thought the game did a good job of providing enough hints, so what I tried to do was point out these hints, or provide hints to find the hints.

User Info: DRayX

5 years ago#9
How do I request a sticky?
You need to be at a certain user level, but just go to the original post and click message detail.
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