10/10 review?

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User Info: Riku___

4 years ago#1

seriously? this game is NOT perfect. in fact, it's far from it. giving it a 10 is absurd, and people recommending the review to the point where it earns a star is even worse. sticker star is not 10/10 worthy and everyone knows that.

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User Info: Groadergreen

4 years ago#2
I agree, but it's because I have never played a game that was good enough to be 10/10. I think it's improbable to create a 10/10 game.

I should also add that some people tend to give 10/10 to anything they like.. which is beyond ridiculous. I have a blast with this game but it's not perfection.

User Info: NeutronStar256

4 years ago#3
This topic was just done yesterday. Everyone has their own opinion and I don't see why there is so much concern over what someone else thinks
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User Info: Spikaya

4 years ago#4
It's called an opinion. If you disagree, write your own review.

User Info: Chaosmaster00

4 years ago#5
*behind the sceens, Nintendo-made accounts secretly recommend reviews that favor their games, and pay GameFAQs mods and admins to give it the star so their games can sell more to the undecided buyers who read the reviews recommended to them that make it seem better than it really is*

...I mean, move along, nothing to see here...

Video reviews are usually much better anyhow, and video playthroughs are even better than that, showing ACTUAL GAMEPLAY rather than words on a flat page.
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User Info: super_luigi16

4 years ago#6
KeyBlade gave his opinion, and people recommended it because they either (a) agreed with it, or (b) had enough empathy to realize that it makes decent points that they may not necessarily agree with. You seem to appreciate neither, but that doesn't make the review terrible. If you so severely don't agree with the perfect score, write your own review.
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User Info: Sentinel07

4 years ago#7
I can't speak for everyone but, in my opinion, 10/10 doesn't mean perfection. More of a highest recommendation. That's how I think perfect scores should be taken as.

User Info: CKMog

4 years ago#8
Its a troll review.

People recommend it because if everyone else believes this game is good, then they can justify their $40 purchase.

Nobody likes wasting money on a mediocre game. Same thing happened with Metroid: Other M, Resident Evil 6, etc.

This game is very flawed. Not terrible, but not good either. I'd give it a "meh" out of 10.

User Info: Toad_and_Pit_co

4 years ago#9
Sentinel07 posted...
I can't speak for everyone but, in my opinion, 10/10 doesn't mean perfection. More of a highest recommendation. That's how I think perfect scores should be taken as.

Yup. This dude is right.


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User Info: ApolloJusticeAA

4 years ago#10
It's his opinion that is all. I have and still am enjoyin this game well worth my 40 dollars but I wouldn't say it is without flaws nor would I say the flaws are so glaring that the game is ruined as a paper mario.

It is seriously an 8.5/10 imo
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