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User Info: sardonnica

4 years ago#1
Im a huge Mario fan and buy all of them whether they are my favorite or not. That said; I already have all of the latest Marios and have 50$ to spend on my 3DS account. I was thinking Epic Mickey, Professor Layton, or something else. Any thoughts? Is the Super Mario Land game fun? Im buying that with whatever other game I get too. Im wondering what game would be fun for a big Mario fan that is not a first person shooter. Thanks guys!!!

User Info: Toad_and_Pit_co

4 years ago#2


1895 super mario bros is a must.

3d classics kirbys adventure.

3d classics kid icarus.

and if they had tetris attack for the eshop, then tetris attack...
3DS fc 2191 8396 7766 mario kart 7 or KIU anyone?
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User Info: sardonnica

4 years ago#3
Is Epic Mickey that awful? Glad I checked here first!! I have all Kirbys on Wii already but the SML games I think Ill go ahead and pick those up. I was worried since they were Gameboy they might be lacking much content.

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