First Boss *Minimal Spoilers*

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User Info: Archer_Yoshi

4 years ago#11
Hirokey123 posted...
It's not really a shop more like an illegal trade center. >.>
Though I'm under the opinion that in fact we aren't buying new things at all. When we throw things they aren't being turned into stickers, they are being warped and replaced with a sticker version of that thing. While the actual things we tossed end up in being sent to the blackmarket toad, who resells us our thing. Then he splits the profits 50/50 with the toad stand toad.

It's a brilliant scam, we pour out endless coins to rebuy the exact same item again and again, and they use only a small portion of their profits to produce the stickers they switch with our real things.

I've always thought this.
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