Still waiting patiently for the next entry in the Paper Mario Series...

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User Info: Toad_and_Pit_co

5 years ago#11
Chaosmaster00 posted...
This game was great for what it was, just the restrictions placed and its execution wasn't exactly for the best.

Although, I would kill to know what the Alpha was going to be like...
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User Info: Demonee-Ho

5 years ago#12
Knux19 posted...
While I appreciate Miyamoto for overseeing the development of two spinoff games, they don't quite satisfy the eight years of waiting. Who else agrees that IS should start working on Paper Mario 3 ASAP?

While you may not like them, you seem to be subscribing to an antonymous ideal of Disney. Just because you don't believe in something doesn't mean it didn't happen.

Whether you like it or not, Super Paper Mario is Paper Mario 3 (I liked it, but I can understand the disappointment some people felt). Whatever anybody may thing, Sticker Star IS Paper Mario 4. I didn't care for the ending of Mass Effect 3 (among other things in the game, but that's an entirely different post for another time and place), but I still have to accept that as how Shepard's story ended.

The best you can get from a black spot on a record is experience. That's all we can take away from this.

Or I could be using sarcasm. I dunno.

User Info: Attack_A_Horse

5 years ago#13
SMASHKING84 posted...
won't happen too many people are saying "this flaw doesn't matter the game is still fun”

maybe the first time,and during the first three worlds after that you find yourself bored.

and this is coming from someone who plays the same games even after beating them 50 times.

Were you eating cockroaches while playing the game?

User Info: Rocky2418

5 years ago#14
PsychoPiano999 posted...
Reusing formulas isn't exactly a sign of creativity.

If creativity is what some find most important, that's perfectly valid. But it's only one aspect. In a broader sense, any game designer's overarching goal is to design a fantastic game. Nothing more complicated than that. Sometimes, being super creative and making big changes helps to do that. But when when a truly fantastic game comes along, logically leading to another game in the series, I personally feel it's best to stay with the same core formula, and just change the specifics surrounding it. There's a reason the first game was so great.

The Zelda games are a good example. They've maintained the same core game structure (for the most part) for 16 games, but were very different when it came to the surrounding details and stories and settings. (Zelda II and the DS games changed the formula quite a bit. Many people still like the DS ones - and...a few still like Zelda II, I guess - but the popularity of the rest of the games has little correlation to how popular the others are, if they're that different.)

Mario Galaxy was fantastic, and a smash hit. Galaxy 2 was, for the most part, a carbon copy of 1 - just with new levels. And it, too, was fantastic. When I needed to save some money for something, I tried to decide what games I'd be willing to part with, to sell. Between those two games and Sunshine, I sold Sunshine and kept both Galaxy games. I like SMS a lot, but as a completionist, that game gets to feeling like a chore, rather than enjoyable (*cough*blue coins). Whereas both Galaxies do not, at least not to me. Not everyone feels that way, of course, but I think a lot do.

And the most glaring example of the other end of the spectrum is the two Chrono games. Chrono Trigger is a classic, and has a cult following. It happens to be my all-time favorite. Chrono Cross was created, and - literally - changed essentially every part of Trigger's core formula, whether it was the environment, the character interaction, the mood, the spirit of being slaves of fate instead of endlessly optimistic, etc. Put simply, the game felt absolutely nothing like the first. Now, Cross is obviously not a train wreck of a game, and has quite a fan base of its own. But the point is, if you're a fan of both, it's probably coincidental - you happen to like both styles. How you feel about one game is unlikely to have any real bearing on how you will feel about the other. Is that a problem? Not if you're just talking about any random 2 games, like Metroid Prime and Super Mario Bros. 2. But if one is a sequel of another - or, if they're supposed to be successive games that take place in the same game world... Well, I personally believe that that is a problem - it's confusing to the player, and it's usually a poor business decision on the part of the games' makers.

So, bringing this back to Paper Mario, it's like the TC said. Sticker Star is a good, fun game as a spin-off or a standalone. But if a huge part of the PM formula has been changed or removed, then it's reasonable to feel like you haven't yet received the sequel you came to expect. Just as I don't feel like I ever got a real second gaming experience akin to Chrono Trigger. Paper Mario and TTYD were of the same formula, while still being different and engaging games. I loved SPM, and it was like the others when it came to story, but I can easily recognize how different the experience was. And SS brought back the RPG battling, but didn't bring a story with any depth or development. (So for me, who especially enjoys the stories of games, SS feels far more foreign than even SPM.)

Creativity is good. But creating a brilliant thing, and sticking with the formula, is a jackpot not worth throwing away.
"Why is it so hard? ... Why can't you just take me? ... I don't have much to go... before... I fade completely..." - Kelly Clarkson

User Info: Rocky2418

5 years ago#15
Knux19 posted...
Just because you don't believe in something doesn't mean it didn't happen.

And yes, that is very true. Which is why I don't waste time wishing that Chrono Cross never happened. I don't deny that it is, in fact, the sequel. The game's makers own the right to decide what happens in a series. At the end of the day, I despondently accept it, bitterly chuckling at how unlikely it was that the furthest a sequel ever strayed from its predecessor, of anything I'd seen, happened to be with the sequel to my favorite game.

All I can do is shake my head, and say 'That's a shame...'
"Why is it so hard? ... Why can't you just take me? ... I don't have much to go... before... I fade completely..." - Kelly Clarkson
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