The true review you should believe in (yes, this game is a 10/10)

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User Info: iloveheavyrain

4 years ago#21
Stick yer commas where the sun don't shine!

Sticker Star 10/10!
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User Info: Crazy_tank51

4 years ago#22
^methinks rain never played another game. Ever.
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User Info: Justice_Apollo

4 years ago#23
Funny how they let people like the TC to post obviously joke reviews but when I try to make my Majora's Mask review I sit on 3 days waiting and still nothing
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User Info: KeyBlade999

4 years ago#24
Didn't I tell TC before to respect others' opinions rather than rant over a review that is by a reviewer that just happens to enjoy the same game?

Other people have opinions, too...
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User Info: Counterpwnt

4 years ago#25
ApolloJusticeAA posted...
Counterpwnt posted...
03cobrasarenice posted...
Commas are actually used in a grammatical sense, not when an "orator" stops to take a breath. Ever write a paper in school?

Yes, to much success. Now, I write and edit writing for a living.

From Wikipedia: In the 3rd century BC, Aristophanes of Byzantium invented a system of single dots (distinctiones) that separated verses (colometry), and indicated the amount of breath needed to complete each fragment of text, when reading aloud.[1] The different lengths were signified by a dot at the bottom, middle, or top of the line. For a short passage (a komma), a media distinctio dot was placed mid-level ( · ). This is the origin of the concept of a comma, although the name came to be used for the mark itself, instead of the clause it separated.

Further, it's since become common practice (in academics) to read your own writing out loud and take a short breath at commas. If you're breathing too much, you have too many commas. If you run out of breath, you don't have enough. You can also use semicolons and emdashes, which this writer probably should have done to avoid so many commas.

A slightly easier-to-read iteration would be:

"Sticker Star's story is unrelated to the other entries in the Paper Mario series: it has similar overarching plot elements, but is notably a little darker. [How is it darker?] Fortunately, it still blatantly retains many of the light-hearted, humorous elements found in previous series entries. The overall plot is a little childish and somewhat predictable—but overall is still pretty decent. It is noteworthy that many of these good characteristics seem to drop off about halfway through the game; the plot holds up to scrutiny regardless."

While i dont disagree with your base point(English major here) i find it extremely heinous that you blatantly counted comma 6 as a breathing pause when it is functioning as separation of adjectives. also you're using a lack of concise phrasing to put down the review while not technically providing proof that defends your point(though i admit story wise there is little to suggest this or any mario game is dark)

My first post about the commas was sarcastic. Hence "#gooddaysir," as in, "I'm an overly meticulous fancy man who titters at your comma usage," because who cares about it really? Obviously not the writer.

I said exactly what he said, just reworded it a bit. I wasn't putting down the review. I was just editing, for my own sake, because I like screwing with verbiage and I need to get better at editing. Especially after that one guy asked me a question like, "Ever write a paper in school?" I don't know if it was meant to be condescending, but it sure felt like it at the time.

TL;DR I wasn't putting down the review, I just like editing things
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User Info: Justice_Apollo

4 years ago#27
That's so infuriating

I want to make silly reviews too... Why can't they even tell me what is wrong with the review so I can try fixing it to submit??
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(message deleted)

User Info: Justice_Apollo

4 years ago#29
You're right, there is a way to see their status.

Looks like my review will be up soon :)

It doesn't matters really, if I make more it will only be a few in my free time lol
Here comes... FINAL JUSTICE!!
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