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User Info: shlaguedweir

5 years ago#1
Trying to pick a format here... is there a real paper manual with the retail version or just a sad little folded move list like the other Mario titles for 3DS?

How is the replay value?


User Info: PalomBM

5 years ago#2
Judging by the staggering amounts of negativity, unless you want Donkey Kong, I'd get the retail version.
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User Info: Reptobismol

5 years ago#3
Unlike NSMB2, I didn't feel immense buyer's remorse. It's significant because reviews had me practically convinced that I would not like this game, but I think pretty highly of it. As for replay value, like the other PM games there is nothing to really make you want to pick it back up for a while after finishing the main quest.

Because I don't feel the need to return this game, I think either format is a sound investment.
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User Info: shlaguedweir

5 years ago#4
What about the manual? I like paper manuals...

User Info: SapphireOfChaos

5 years ago#5
It's a folded sheet.
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User Info: koops3003

5 years ago#6
I got download for DK and I never traded in previous paper marios so why start now

also I have a 16GB SD card so I should put something on it for once instead of just demos
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User Info: SMASHKING84

5 years ago#7
Always get retail if given the option. unless you played a demo of the game AND know you like it.

plus even if you do like it there's no guarantee you won't want to sell it if you need cash.

I once sold a copy of my favorite game ever,i eventually rebought it years later but still even with 10/10 games you want at least the option.

the replay value is hard to say because parts of the game are REALLY fun but other parts are not.

basically you'll love the first three worlds but after that you MAY not like other 3...
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User Info: Toad_and_Pit_co

5 years ago#8
koops3003 posted...
I got download for DK and I never traded in previous paper marios so why start now

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