Anyone interested in signing a petition for the next Paper Mario game?

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User Info: csalvi42

5 years ago#1
I am sick of Miyamoto inferring false conclusions that debase great series like Paper Mario.

To claim that the series does not need a compelling storyline because of the misfire that was Super Paper Mario is absurd and an insult to fans of the first two games.

If I were to draft up a petition to send to nintendo/IS would you guys on the board support me in the following areas?

1) Fans of paper mario recognize that the compelling stories of the first two games made them stand out leagues ahead of other games at the time, and story is an essential part of the series.

2) Super Paper Mario was not up to par with the previous entries in the series, and reception from that game should not influence future titles

3) While the writing was again superb in Sticker Star, only a handful of characters truly stood out due to the deluge of generic toads occupying most the game.

4) Partners should return as they would help rectify problem 3, plus they make the battle system more dynamic.

Those are my main issues, and I actually enjoyed Sticker Star for what it was, but I can only imagine how great it could have been if these issues were addressed properly.

Let me know if there is interest and I will try to draft up a petition. Clearly Nintendo pays attention to the reception of these games or else Miyamoto wouldn't have chimed in about Super Paper Mario's lukewarm reception...
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User Info: Sol_Clyde

5 years ago#2
Nothing on the levelling system or lack of badges?
Good luck.
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User Info: Crazy_tank51

5 years ago#3
What you need to bring up is not SPM's shortcomings, but this ones. SPM and SS have VERY seperate issues.

SPM failed only in a few gameplay areas (way too easy outside of post-game, 3D power wasn't utilized well, the shift of formula, memorization puzzles (5-1 can burn in all hell and damnation) but it had the best story for a mario game ever and some of the best writing in history and the game was good for what it was outside of the flaws I mentioned.

SS did poorly in gameplay and horrendously in story. For gameplay, there is no real reason to battle, the risk of consumables only, annoying puzzles, and the worst bosses this side of NSMB. Story sucked horribly because of 2 things Miyamoto said: only mario characters and limited story. Right off the bat there went a vast majority of PM's charm. That means no partners, no new villians, no epic bowser, and a ton of other things.

In short: SPM's shortcomings have very little to do with SS's. Those should be addressed.
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User Info: LordAlistair

5 years ago#4
SPM's story was one of it's better qualities. I'd be willing to bet this "less than 1% cared" thing is either a hilariously skewed sample or a flat out lie. Especially given how many people are upset about the lack of one in SS.

User Info: DMZapp

5 years ago#5
I would be interested in supporting such a petition.

However, you would have to make completely sure that it's the Japanese arm of the company that sees and understands the petition, for they are the ones who ultimately make the decisions on most Nintendo games.
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User Info: csalvi42

5 years ago#6
I would address badges and the leveling system as well as a more stripped down gameplay, but I didnt bring that up because I like to think Nintendo was trying to streamline the series for the 3ds to make it more friendly to play in short periods of time, unlike most RPGS

I will still stand by my belief that SPM was the least original of the series, and while it had some funny moments, most of the levels were rather forgettable. Can anyone say they forgot about the Rawk Hawk chapter in TYD? I doubt it...SPM had countless forgettable stages. I cant even remember the final boss, but I liked the design of dimitri.

The gameplay wasn't bad in SS per-say, and I liked all the variety mario's stickers lent, but the strategy was slim or borderline obvious--- hmmm a sponge against a inky squid???--- and the rewards for battling were slim. I also agree that the bosses could've been leagues better, but I think that's part and parcel with them ignoring story. Its all about how you develop a villain after all, and there was next to nothing in this category.

I'm seriously considering writing something. It seems that Nintendo at least partially pays attention to fans concerns, and certainly they can't ignore the critics completely.
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User Info: DekuFireMage

5 years ago#7
Not to be a negative nancy, but unless this has the same backing that operation rainfall did, I don't see this fairing all that well. More than likely only a generic, "We're sorry, but your ideas are just not what we at nintendo are looking at right now," email is what this is going to get...
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User Info: iloveheavyrain

5 years ago#8

Sticker Mario was great. A+
I would love a sequel to Sticker Star.
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User Info: MDS2005

5 years ago#9
iloveheavyrain posted...

Sticker Mario was great. A+
I would love a sequel to Sticker Star.

I would also like a more TTYD-like sequal, but that doesnt change that Sticker Star IS a great game. <_<
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User Info: csalvi42

5 years ago#10
Ok, fair enough, I wont bother if there's not even a majority of people on here saying yes, but I am a little concerned about Miyamoto trying to strip away the story.

He is right to say that traditional platform games like mario do not need much of a story and instead should revolve around a theme ie Galaxy with space or Sunshine with tropical, but that's not what I want the Paper Mario series to become
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