So - any point in 100%-ing the game?

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  3. So - any point in 100%-ing the game?

User Info: Sephiroth C Ryu

Sephiroth C Ryu
5 years ago#11
I am pretty sure I would have had pretty close to 1000 excelents when I finished the game, had I not realized what actually made a hammer attack be "excelent" only by late world 5 (until I accidently waited "too long," I had presumed I was supposed to hit the button right when the hammer started to shine).
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User Info: howdydoodle

5 years ago#12
In the victory parade at the end, toads march along with all of your achievement flags, open or closed. They will all be unfurled if you have earned them all.

Worth getting 100% for? Not particularly.

If I decide to go for my last achievement flag, I probably won't bother watching the parade. It's just about closure, being able to say, 'I did everything and now I'm done. There's nothing more to see or do here, folks.'
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  3. So - any point in 100%-ing the game?

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