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User Info: SpunkySix

5 years ago#1
So an old man is beaten to death by flip-flops defending the master that he has raised since birth. He lays cold and flat on the floor, slowly dying. His last words are full of hatred as he sinks in to madness, and he disintegrates in to ash without even getting a chance to wish his beloved master farewell. And Mario and Kersti don't. Even. Care.

Yeah, Kamek was evil. Yeah, he tried to kill Mario.

No, that is not okay. Read that description again. What type of sick, mean spirited mood whiplash is that even? Who felt that was necessary in any way, shape or form? I felt bad after beating the guy, it wasn't even satisfying. Beating Bowser and turning him to Dry Bowser was one thing because he came back and because you don't get to hear him descend in to insanity before he dies. This... this waa just bizarre.

We can't have deep stories ordo anything edgy and ruin the lighthearted feel, but THIS is okay? I swear, I don't think this deserved a T rating, but we have the most screwed up, butt backwards double standards for this type of thing. So if red liquid comes out when you hit somebody, that's terrible, but if you beat an elderly man until he turns to ashes and then move on remorselessly, that's totally fine?

I'm sorry if this seems like an overreaction, but that was just downright inappropriate tonally, and actually kind of depressing.
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User Info: Victar

5 years ago#2
My sticker comet wish would have been to bring Kamek back (in addition to, y'know, what Mario wished for).

But I doubt he's really gone forever, any more than Bowser Jr. is.
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User Info: SlargTheGnome

5 years ago#3
Yeah there's no way he's actually dead... this is Mario we're talking about...

User Info: Cartwheel_Kick

5 years ago#4
I feel like this topic is meant to be funny, but I'll still say this

Seeing as how he becomes overly agressive all of a sudden, his speech is precisely meant to devilize him to the max instead of inspiring pity so the player won't care about him. Altough maybe he develops last minute old man dementia? Then yeah it's sad :(
AgainstMeIsBest posted...
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User Info: Czar_Yoshi

5 years ago#5
I don't think you're overreacting, I was stunned that Ninty would do that (in a game with no story, to boot).

Really, nobody generally dies in PM games. Especially not in such bizarre ways. I guess Dimentio kicked the bucket, and I'm not exactly sure what happened to SQ, but this was reminiscent of all the N64 atrocities that somehow maintained E ratings (everything from Rare, OoT, etc). Especially given that 3 of the prior SS bosses weren't evil, just in the wrong place at the wrong time (TPP and GB) or were merely fighting for survival (Mizzter Blizzard).

And then there was that slap in the face at the end "Don't worry, Mario, Bowser will be just fine"... Yeah, Blizzard and Kamek were messed up.

User Info: Limecat

5 years ago#6
i don't remember exactly how people die in previous paper mario games, iirc they just shrink/disappear and all that

in this it bugs me that you can turn enemies into ash

they BURN



User Info: SpunkySix

5 years ago#7
He IS seen in the parade, and we can assume Blizzard was rebuilt, but still... that was quite the shock.
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User Info: PT_Piranha

5 years ago#8
Kamek's a wizard, he probably had a resurrection spell set up. Or took advantage of the traditional use for 1-Up Mushrooms.
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User Info: MarioPenguin5

5 years ago#9
Man, I loved both of the actual Kamek fights. Flip-flops are great weapons.
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User Info: Czar_Yoshi

5 years ago#10
Lime_Cat posted...
i don't remember exactly how people die in previous paper mario games, iirc they just shrink/disappear and all that

They spin around and fall over in 64 and TTYD, in SPM they do their damage animation for twice as long as normal and then vanish in a puff of smoke.
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