Everybody on this board should review video games. Always.

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User Info: SpunkySix

4 years ago#31
Bass50 posted...
Chaosmaster00 posted...
Depends. TTYD had better back- and side-stories, but SPM had best main plot.

Pretty much this. If SPM had focused a bit more on the worlds(the Cragnon world and especially the Sammer Guy world come to mind) and a few more key characters that at least had supporting roles akin to the partners or important NPCs(Kolorado, Flavio, etc.) from PM64 and TTYD it may have had the best story of the series, unrivaled by it's predecessors.

Honestly, a few tweaks to make it less tedious and obnoxious to play through at times, and it may have been the best gameplay wise as well. It wasn't THAT bad, they just did some dumb things that screwed with pacing and flow too much.
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User Info: DragonSamurai

4 years ago#32
Seemed like what made SPM so grand was that the story of the Pure Hearts was connected to every world and land Mario and co. went to. Pretty much every culture and race knew about them, which was nifty. I'll admit there were some parts that dragged and brought things down a bit.
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User Info: Rethalwolf

4 years ago#33
Yeah, an adventure game with no point to the adventure TOTALLY makes sense. -_- at least OoT (which, by the way, you are wrong to include in your sarcasm. Totally shot your credibility) had more than one character with any depth (the only one in SS being Kersti. Seriously).
All you did was list a bunch of games that either have MORE story than this game (and are, in fact, better) and games that aren't supposed to have story anyway (see: my post, section Mortal Kombat). -_-

In any case, I had most fun with TTYD because of those little substories. Those are what I liked most and that's why SPM barely holds a candle, despite having a much better overall story. PM64 introduced these and the fact that they were removed so soon makes me worry for the future of this series. That said, I'm still excited for the next installment. For me it's the tiebreaker.
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  3. Everybody on this board should review video games. Always.

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