The chomp battles of the 5th worrld.

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User Info: PT_Piranha

4 years ago#11
Oh. That's not a fake game over in the way I was thinking. That's more of a hopeless boss fight, I was thinking like in MGS2 and 3.

Hopeless bosses, I can take or leave.
"Mints make me lonely."

User Info: WodPython

4 years ago#12
Ah kk ty, so basically I have to swallow some of my pride =\ XD.
"Those who would sacrifice liberty for security, deserve neither."

User Info: silktail

4 years ago#13
WodPython posted...
Is it possible to use your raccoon tail sticker (or any other defensive sticker) instead of getting hit, and still get the accomplished goals? Basically I am asking if there's any way not to take damage during the chomp fights.

A Sponge-type thing-sticker should soak up the damage they do as they escape.

At least they did when I tried it on the Chomp Ruins' Big Chain Chomp, I admittedly haven't tested the later chomp battle.

(I also tried some of the other defense stickers to no effect. Although I did notice that being poisoned will stop the escape and thus lets you block the damage, but the battle won't end so it isn't helpful at all.)
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  3. The chomp battles of the 5th worrld.

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