It's just too bad that Nintendo won't learn their lesson from this.

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  3. It's just too bad that Nintendo won't learn their lesson from this.

User Info: SullyTheStrange

4 years ago#41
McmadnessV3 posted...
Nope, incorrect, they have admitted to some games they made being not very good (wii music is a notable example)

Have they? I gotta echo that other guy, find me a link to back it up.

Believe it or not there are a lot of people that actually like sticker star.

Sticker star is not a Sonic 06 game to the point that its barely playable. There hasn't been some sort of massive outcry of fan outrage over sticker star.

Yet most fans of the series don't like it. Its not unplayable, but it's mediocre and the critics HAVE been loud enough to warrant Nintendo taking notice.

As for NSMB, well I always felt like it was a spin off and that the main Mario series are the 3D games. But I'm not sure why being a spin off excuses Mario party 4-8 of being horribly cut and paste games.

Nintendo-made 2D and 3D games are the main series. As much as I wish it was, NSMB is no spin-off. And Mario Party being spin-offs don't excuse them -- it's just that it's expected of a spin-off to be lower quality, as a general rule. But the NSMB games are directly made by Nintendo, so I expect something much better, something actually creative. For them to even be comparable to spin-offs speaks volumes about the effort Nintendo puts into them.

MarioPenguin5 posted...
You know what? Good show. I tried to find articles that showed Nintendo doing the same thing, but whoever said they only apologized for their commercial failures is right. I still like this game, but way to blow me out of the water.

Wait, what? Someone conceding a point? On the internet?!

But really, thanks for being a good sport. I'm used to getting attacked to the bitter end because people always think I'm trolling if I say anything bad about Nintendo.
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User Info: McmadnessV3

4 years ago#42
Its not hard to find a link, just google it.

Yes some fans have disliked this game, not the majority of them but no developer has ever apologized for something that wasn't universally panned by critics and fans alike.

The only time a developer apologizes is when what they released causes fan outrage, sticker star did nothing of the sort.
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User Info: AkanubonOrih

4 years ago#43
Wow. Someone argues against my point and then someone else does a damn good job (probably much better than I would have) of arguing for my point before I have a chance to respond!

I never meant to imply that any game company comes out and says "Our game sucks. Don't buy it. We're sorry." but as those links show, they at least acknowledge the fan outcry and somewhat own up to some of their shortcomings. I'm actually just now realizing that it's more western developers that actually show they care while the Japanese ones just go on doing what they do. Maybe that has to do with the Japanese culture or maybe our voice just isn't as much of a priority compared to the Japanese market. I dunno.
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User Info: Adamario_129

4 years ago#44
SullyTheStrange posted...

The difference being that Mario Party is a spin-off, and NSMB is a main series that FEELS like a spin-off.

That's the thing, though: NSMB is a spinoff in Nintendo's eyes. Miyamoto only cares about the 3D platformers. NSMB games are a safe bet that are just made to fund the 3D games.
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User Info: warpio

4 years ago#45
This game isn't all THAT bad... it's missing a lot of the things that made Paper Mario great, yes, but it's still relatively fun for people that are into non-RPG adventure games. Some of the levels had really well designed puzzles that were satisfying to solve, like Drybake Stadium and The Inigmansion... and the graphic/artstyle make the whole game aesthetically nice to look at. It just doesn't have anything on the great characters/writing of the other 3 games.

I'd say Sticker Star is better than the other PM games In SOME aspects, but the first 2 games are still the best overall, followed by SPM, then SS. SPM, SS, and PM/TTYD are so entirely different from each other that it's almost pointless to even compare them. But the one gameplay aspect they all do have in common is that simple linear progression through the levels, with just enough off-beaten paths and hidden items to find that it keeps the exploration fun but not tedious, and puzzles that are mostly really easy/trivial but still satisfying to solve.

As far as Paper Mario games go, Sticker Star ranks last...I wouldn't call it an emberrassment to the series though... and as for adventure games on the 3ds this is one of my favorites so far.
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User Info: Pikablu45

4 years ago#46
Fire Emblem, Pokemon and Zelda are the three series which have still have me interested in Nintendo otherwise I would have been long gone.

They have brought crap game after crap game. And they don't go back to formulas that worked, they innovate it even more making even more shockingly bad games.

Nintendo have alienated much of its RPG and traditional gamer population. I haven't heard of a non-casual gamer yet without an X-Box or PS. But the Wii and other Nintendo consoles have just become jokes with all these lame games they've brought out. They've ruined good games with all these changes. It brings a tear to my eye really, because they were so good 8 years ago and look at the complete and utter waste of shelf space games they make now.
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  3. It's just too bad that Nintendo won't learn their lesson from this.

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