Your order of best to worst games in the series

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User Info: Luigi_64

4 years ago#1
I personally liked all of the paper mario games, but I guess my order would be this:

SPM and TTYD are really, really close, but SPM was just really creative and interesting. Also, it had the best story in any mario game, and one of the best period.

User Info: wiiking96

4 years ago#2
More villains need to be protagonists. BIS proves it can work.
Ridley, Ganondorf, Fawful, Bowser, and Dimentio all for their own games!

User Info: Chaosmaster00

4 years ago#3
Gameplay and story are separated for me, because for the most part, one may see it differently for various reasons.



Sticker Star hust didn't live up to anywhere near its predecessors on either front. PM64 wasn't bad, either, it's just set the baseline standards for the series, to which TTYD and SPMdid get better at. SPM definitely had the better story of the saga, but its gameplay as a Platformer Action RPG were... odd at times, but was still fun to play. TTYD was and arguably is the best Mario RPG by gameplay standards, and improved much from PM64 while adding it's own unique charms with the stage battlefield; it only barely loses to SPM on story, though, so that was mostly a closer call than it makes it seem this way.

And that's pretty much it. I'm not going to argue my points with anyone who dares refute me, so don't bother wasting time to make a reply.

User Info: SullyTheStrange

4 years ago#4
PM = TTYD > SPM >>>> SS

In terms of BEST game, I'd put TTYD ahead of PM64, but in terms of FAVORITE, PM64 takes the lead just because I loved it so much as a kid.
All's fair in love and war, kid.

User Info: Luigi_64

4 years ago#5
Y'know, honestly SPM and TTYD I really keep conflicting between them, so I guess mine would actually be SPM=TTYD>PM>PMSS. As chaos said, there was nothing wrong with PM, it just set the bar low. Sticker star is a good game, but compared to the others, you can barely call it a paper mario game.

User Info: Magnemight

4 years ago#6
TTYD > PM64 > SPM == Sticker Star

I really don't get all the love for SPM's story. The way I see it, only Chapters 3, 5, 7, and 8 had enough story to warrant actually having a story. Chapter 1 has only a single village with only three memorable characters (the gatekeepers and Watchitt), Chapter 2 has only two memorable characters, Chapter 4 only has one memorable character (not counting Mr. L), and Chapter 6 was more of a prelude to Chapter 7 than an actual chapter. It was good, mind you, but it wasn't a full experience.

Heck, even the chapters with story in them don't involve too much.

I suppose the overarching story saves SPM just a bit, but even doesn't feel right for Mario. What happened to Mario simply being a celebrity that saved princesses? The game tries too hard to feel like some sort of grand fantasy with prophecies dictating our actions and the uniiiiveeeerrssse being at stake and romance mattering.

In terms of gameplay...Super Paper Mario wasn't particularly fun to play. One gets tired of stomping on enemies and pressing switches after World 1, and one simply continues to do that (with the exception of part of Chapter 4, I suppose) for the remainder of the game. We see standard platforming gimmicks occasionally be introduced, but nothing interesting (in regards to what the player does) is done with them. The combat is boring and far too easily broken by the absurdly generous leveling system and Bowser+Carrie outranking everything. In my second playthrough of the game, I made an effort to jump over enemies, avoid stylishes, and avoid Bowser, and that simply made combat even less satisfying.

I like the Paper Mario combat system. I think it's one of the best combat systems ever done in video games, and I'm not only referring to RPGs; I seriously think that combat systems in Beat 'em Ups, FPSes, Hack 'n Slashes, and whatnot are inferior to the Paper Mario system. In nearly every game, combat can start off interesting but is eventually reduced to "Use <superior series of attacks> against <any and all enemies>". Enemies frequently become naught but cannon fodder (Hack 'n Slashes, SHMUPs, and platformers come to mind) or boring, repetitive, excessively lengthy battles (Beat 'em Ups, Beat 'em Ups, Beat 'em Ups). The only genre that comes close to Paper Mario's incredibly flexible battle system would be Strategy.

That's part of why I like Sticker Star so much. Battling is fun, using different techniques is actively encouraged by the consumable (but fast-replenishing) sticker system, and you aren't punished for fighting enemies by making future fights overly quick (SPM). It's nice to get Perfects in Sticker Star, but the game isn't broken by getting them. Doing Stylishes in SPM results in the character destroying enemies with a single attack.

SPM's length (in terms of actual content, not play time) and recurring characters are all that let me keep it equal to Sticker Star.
A.K.A. Magnemania.
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User Info: MarioPenguin5

4 years ago#7
Super Paper Mario>Paper Mario: Sticker Star>Paper Mario>Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door

wonder how long until someone will yell at me for trolling
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User Info: DMZapp

4 years ago#8
#1. TIE Paper Mario 64 and Super Paper Mario (85%)
+more of a plot adds more meaning to the gameplay
+battles are fun and diverse
+characters have interesting stuff to say
+Peach segments provide a nice change of pace
+diverse leveling system + many badges = lots of replay value
+introduction of Bowser's attitude
-no postgame stuff/doesn't save after final boss
-a few of the partners are just there as service to gameplay rather than story, when more effort could have been made in balancing the two factors (Bombette, Watt)

+the best plot in any Mario game- I was more interested in what happened to the heroes and villains in this game than any other Mario game
+great characters (Count Bleck, Dimentio, Francis, Bowser)
+Flip mechanic kind of cool
+real time battling (I actually always wanted a Mario platformer with RPG elements and a great story, and well, I got it
+story & gameplay twist on how chapters unravel in second half of game
+lots of new enemies
+/- Flipside Arcade minigames (although they aren't the best on the Wii system, but they're still good)
-3D kind of "blocky"/"rectangular"
-Pixls say nothing after intro
-Chapter 2-3 can burn in a special part of the Underwhere
-a few too many over-long gags, sometimes done in disservice of gameplay (Chapter 5-1's super-long block puzzle)
-having so many battle gauntlets serve as bonus dungeons, as well as having to redo the hardest one to face its boss...yeah, not cool
-don't get access to sidequests (fetch quest, Treasure Maps) until second half of game

+expands on the first game's battle system, augmenting experience and done in service of making the game better and funner
+every partner has role in story this time, whether just their chapter or gamewide
+story a lot more tense
+Bowser is hilarious
+twists on chapter format
+main villains make prescence in story more pronounced (fight the immediate underlings to main villain more often)
-that backtracking from one end of the stage to the other...AUGH!
-at end of game, reveal of one character's agenda (Beldam) just seems to come out of nowhere, not really foreshadowed earlier

+localization full of punch
+music is incredible (if only it were in a better game)
+Wiggler and Kamek were good characters
+graphics look decent (...yeah, when I have to try to find something good to say about the game, it's a sign the dev team messed up big)
-doesn't try with story, even though the previous games proved than the gameplay and story can work together to achieve optimal quality
-makes big event at final battle look half-hearted as a result
-gameplay changed for the sole sake of change rather than any real problems with old battle system; replacement mechanics incredibly half-butted and not fleshed out, as if there were questions in development the team never considered or, worse, didn't care about
-no real new characters...would it really have been that hard to give Wiggler a baseball cap and buck teeth and call him, I dunno, Kiddler? This also makes the game harder to stand out among its 3DS Mario platformer brethren
-the game never explains anything; clues non-existent, obtuse, or come after the fact, which is really bad game design in 2012
-Kersti's advice not dynamic or helpful (should have been like 2-5 in every screen of game)
-no exclusive factor besides coins, stickers or enemy disappearance to winning battles, therefore, less motivated to fight or play
-Things way too unlenient in use, considering they're supposed to be the game's field moves
-I find it ironic that the team intentionally half-butted the story, yet the gameplay took the bigger nosedive in quality
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User Info: Chaosmaster00

4 years ago#9
MarioPenguin5 posted...
Super Paper Mario>Paper Mario: Sticker Star>Paper Mario>Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door

wonder how long until someone will yell at me for trolling


User Info: wiiking96

4 years ago#10
DMZapp posted...
-at end of game, reveal of one character's agenda (Beldam) just seems to come out of nowhere, not really foreshadowed earlier

There's the scene outside Riddle Tower where she says "Arrrrrgh... At this rate... She will never... Oooooh..." as far as foreshadowing goes.

And she just did a good job of hiding her true intentions for most of the game. Her actions before and during the story were all acting towards reviving the Shadow Queen. She lied to Grodus and used him to open the TYD and revive the Shadow Queen. Sure, there wasn't a ton of foreshadowing, but it all made sense in the end.
More villains need to be protagonists. BIS proves it can work.
Ridley, Ganondorf, Fawful, Bowser, and Dimentio all for their own games!
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