This game would have been a success if Dimentio was in it!

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  3. This game would have been a success if Dimentio was in it!

User Info: Magnemight

4 years ago#21
I ask of you what? You were not being here? I have apology. Fawful has the troubles with the distinguishing of silence from the meaningless words of a jester. Fawful is thinking that they are the same, almostly.

Your problem is very visible with much of the clarity. A brilliant inventor is not you. Many fink-rats there are that are not inventors, but Fawful's mastery of logic is different from yours. The differencing of tools and allies is syrup missing from the burnt waffle of your banks of memory, so that waffle is dry and tasteless and causes Fawful to make a bad face when Fawful is eating it.

Tools are not important. Tools are not stabbing Fawful in the back when Fawful suffers the ouches of rolling into a plumber of obesity. When the shatterification of Fawful's headgear is now, the headgear is without fury. I have fury, but I am having all the fury.

But the allies are not being that way. When Fawful's ray gun is making a noise of error, Fawful can throw it on the ground and step on it. But when allies make the error noise of the same, Fawful must fix the problem. A broken headgear is only requiring the replacement of the gears and wires and beans, and it will have function. The repairs of an ally are not possible with quantities of metal. Fawful's regret is huge with the blizzardification of Midbus. Fawful does not lose allies.

I...I have angst.
A.K.A. Magnemania.
Fritz0x8: I dont kno what sentient means | willingmess: Just know that the word does not describe you.

User Info: DimentioDeux

4 years ago#22
Ah, this is where you and I grow different. Fascinating, isn't it? How two super villains of cleverness can have so different motives. You speak so dearly about your allies, like a mother to her sweet child. But I will instruct you on how this is your weakness like an out of tuned banjo.

Now let my pencil write you the cause of your failures, since you have been so kind telling me about mine. When you have one man down, you lose your villainous focus and lose. You mourn and the moustached men will stomp you like goomba. Your game will be over and it will never see the rise of Bean Kingdom. I lost after all the goody-goodies started a quintrep. Their music was too loud for me to ignore. But if I had cared about the fall of the dimwitt O'Chunks and the creepy girl Mimi, my game would have ended much earlier.

I have now presented you the dish of why you've failed twice, glasses bean. Bon appétit. Ciao~
Once there were only darkness, and then it was Dimentio

User Info: greatdimentio

4 years ago#23
LOL, a battle between Dimentio and Fawful.

Why don't you settle this on the Mario Kart track, where you both should be in a few months.
Mario Kart Wii U Most Wanted Newcomer: Fawful. He is sooo much cooler than lame Honey Queen.

User Info: Grandpriest

4 years ago#24
No, it wouldn't.
Not one singular thing can save this game.
Welcome to the GameFAQs forums. Please take a seat, and enjoy your stay. Your trolls will be with you, shortly.

User Info: DimentioDeux

4 years ago#25
It seems like the awful grinning bean man has decided to retreat. Maybe this is the end of the show? Until then, ciao~
Once there were only darkness, and then it was Dimentio

User Info: Dark_VenomSense

4 years ago#26
Ya both suck.
It's WoW.
It's personal.

User Info: UltraCantaloupe

4 years ago#27
*holds up small flag with a D on it*

Hey, thanks for reading this! It took me a while to type it out.
Do not attempt to Brawl me with Pit or PT, as my disc can not process them.

User Info: RoyKoopa

4 years ago#28
This is SOOO BORING, it looks more like a competence on WHO IS MORE BORING!!!
Dad would want a pointless act of violence in his name...
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