This Could've been a great game to bring out...

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User Info: HiiiiiTechnical

4 years ago#1
The Koopalings.

1. They haven't really gotten much character development, because NSMB games have no dialogue. I really liked what this game did with Kamek. We got to see a lot more personality out of him, rather than just being a random magikoopa that flies around making boss battles longer.

2. They weren't allowed to add PM exclusive characters to this game, so why not add the regular series characters that people actually LIKE, not Toad & Birdo.

3. It could've made the lame excuse of a last world longer. Every Koopalings could've had their own fortress-castle level in world 6, and would've made that world a lot longer & harder.
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User Info: greatdimentio

4 years ago#2
I still wonder why they didn't bother with a last world at all, only putting in the Kamek battle, a short (easy as hell) obstacle course, and the final battle.(Also easy as hell).

If the Koopalings were in, they probably wouldn't have gotten personality; they didn't in Superstar Saga, which actually had personality, so why the hell would they have gotten it in this sad excuse for an RPG?
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User Info: Magnemight

4 years ago#3
because IS clearly wanted World 6 to be a tenth of the length of the other worlds, rather than the explanation of IS simply running out of time
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  3. This Could've been a great game to bring out...

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