Action Replay codes?

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User Info: jaws_ra

5 years ago#1
Has any one listed what the Action Replay codes are for the 3DS version of the game

Now that the Action replay has been released for a 3DS I plan on geting one

Before any one says do not cheat

I had to replace my OOT 3DS because some one stole my and I do not want to spend the countles hours again geting ever thing I right now I just got done with the Forest Temple and I am only playing it 1 or 2 hrs day because I am finding it boaring doing all the work over again.

So do not tell me to cheat I am only going to try and get though the game fast so I can unlock Master Quest again I have a rule till you beat a game you can not cheat and I can get 5 people to tell you I beat the Old cart before it was stolen so I earn the right to cheat.

User Info: Plasmashedgehog

5 years ago#2
There is no 3ds action replay.
(and since datel is lazy nowdays there probably won't be one)
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User Info: jaws_ra

5 years ago#3
I hate to break it to you

But there is a 3DS action replay

User Info: LINK676

5 years ago#4
Hate to break it to you, but..

The Action Replay on the Amazon link WORKS with the 3DS but it doesn't give codes for the 3DS games. Only DS/DSi games.

User Info: jaws_ra

5 years ago#5
I had 3 people tell me that it does work on 3DS games you just have to put the codes in your self as no codes have been released so far yet by the comp

User Info: SkormVsAvo

5 years ago#6 are wrong. That will not work with 3DS games. Only DS games.

User Info: PrettyBoyFloyd

5 years ago#7
I wonder if there is a beta and other cool stuff hidden in the game like the original ?
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User Info: Pkjoan

5 years ago#8
SkormVsAvo posted... are wrong. That will not work with 3DS games. Only DS games.

Strangely this made me laugh so much.
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