The Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time 3D Changes FAQ: version 1.0

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User Info: NeonDragon9000

6 years ago#61
Minor change: Twinrova now says "we'll come back to haunt you." Originally, one of the sister said, "I'll come back to haunt you."
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User Info: dillpickleo

6 years ago#62
Minor Changes (spoilers?):

Small Floormasters no longer appear to choke you.
Wallmasters have hand-shaped shadow.
Wall/Floormasters are now blue on top.
Blood does not seem to appear in Well/Shadow Temple walls (that I can remember).
Volvagia's face now glows greenish.
Like-Likes are now a solid bluish color.
All changes made from 1.00 to 1.02 are kept, except that Bongo-Bongo's Shadow is now black (from grey, originally a sort of static).

User Info: chaz_hacker

6 years ago#63
Princess Zelda's Eyebrow's aren't Green anymore! An important and disappointing change :(

User Info: dillpickleo

6 years ago#64
Carpenters are also a bit more flamboyant...

User Info: DarkShadowRage

6 years ago#65
I'm liking all these changes you people are listing in this thread, this is helpful please list all that you find and I will compile them all into the new thread.
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User Info: NeonDragon9000

6 years ago#66
I found these on Zelda Wiki:

~ You supposedly don't take damage from falling anymore, even if you don't roll. But this has to be wrong, because I know I've taken damage from falling.

~ The Moblin that used to patrol the path of the SFM in front of the ladder is no longer there.

~ You can use the Scarecrow's Song as soon as you're an adult.
"Microsoft is not a helicopter." ~Gerald Ilukwe

User Info: KungfuKitten

6 years ago#67

I noticed the first boss dies easier
the last guards in the guarden have a different patrol time
Link can now roll smoothly without hickup
climbing speed is like 2x as fast

They definitely addressed some of the games rougher parts and hickups.

User Info: Darkrikku579

6 years ago#68
There is not a new dungeon.
Pass the stones!

User Info: Captain_Drek

6 years ago#69
KungfuKitten posted...
I noticed the first boss dies easier.

Nah, you've always been able to beat Gohma fast, I think record time was around four seconds.

You're probably just better at the game. :D

User Info: syaoran-kun

6 years ago#70
- The key thing above the Water Temple's entrance that you had to shoot now has the shape of a whale (?)
- Just madly mashing the button doesn't work too well with Biggoron's Sword for neutral attacks, needs a specific timing now it seems....
- Dead Hand lost the red blood on his body (seriously Nintendo....)
- Shadow and Forest temples seem a bit bit bright compared to what I remember from the old version v.v
- Gerudo's now all look like females, thought the ones with white clothing were guys when I was little (didn't pay attention to the "one man every 100 year" part) xd
- Ruto now has cloth-like fins to cover her (more stupid censoring...)
- Several cutscenes throughout the game have different camera angles
- Sheik looks around frantically just before the invisible Bongo Bongo grabs him now
- I played Majora last week, but the analogue controls for the arrow weren't nearly as slow as in Ocarina 3D and don't recall the old Ocarina being this slow with that....

The slow arrow aiming, stupid censoring and brightness of Forest/Shadow annoy me, but for the rest I'm liking the changes they've made ^_^


What is with this version telling you the secrets beforehand? Would've liked to find out about the hidden fairies in the Gossip Stones by myself, thank you >.<

(can understand the very obvious camera angle on the block in the Water Temple, still I never thought so many people wouldn't pay attention enough to the original cutscene to see there are no spikes underneath the block.

And Navi spoiling how to use the blue flame was just stupid! o.O)
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