Biggorons Sword

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User Info: pinoyboi

5 years ago#1
Do you really need this sword to beat Ganon?
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User Info: snake_5036

5 years ago#2
No, it's just an extra powerful sword that removes all difficulty in the game(You can attack Iron Knuckles outside of their attack range, for example)

You need the Master Sword equipped to deal the final blow to Ganon anyway.
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User Info: Ringofsealing

5 years ago#3
Nah, it's not needed. Some people prefer using that over the Megaton Hammer during the final boss when you don't have access to your sword, but it's not required.
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User Info: Zero_Maniac

5 years ago#4
BGS is a useless sword tbh.
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User Info: banjo kazooie

banjo kazooie
5 years ago#5
Zero_Maniac posted...
BGS is a useless sword tbh.

That explains why I don't use it. It's totally not the fact it makes bosses die way too fast for my liking.
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User Info: ManfromRedRiver

5 years ago#6
No, not needed, just awesome! As soon as I got it I never used another weapon again except when I had to.

Also, unless they have changed things from the 64 version, you do not need to deal the final blow with the Master Sword. It's one of the things I laugh about in this game, cause they make a big deal in the final battle of Link losing and regaining the Master Sword, but when I played, as soon as I regained the Master Sword and they let you use weapons other than the Kokiri sword again, I just stopped, and re-equipped the Biggoron Sword again. lol

User Info: Skull_pro

5 years ago#7
There's somehting I've always wondered with the BGS...

-When you first get it, Link has to use both hands to hold it, understandable
-When you get the Silver Gauntlet, Link can now lift rocks that are most likely at least 50-75 times his own weight but STILL need to hold the BGS with both hand.
-WHen you get the Golden Gauntlet, Link can now lift (and throw quite far away) stone pillar that are at least 15 time his height (and most likely over 500 times his own weight. but STILL has to use both hands for the BGS AND the Megaton Hammer. WTF?

Don't mean to brag, but even I'm not that strong, but I can swing a hammer the size of the megaton hammer with one hand (so most people should be able to do the same as me)) lol.

Also, ''ultimate'' swords tend to be Optional in Zelda games. Both the White and Magic sword were optional in the original, The Tempered Master Sword and the Golden Sworw were Optional in ALTTP, the Noble Sword was opptional in OoS, the Guilded sword was optional in MM... etc...
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User Info: GX000

5 years ago#8
they let you use kokori blade in the final battle? i never noticed since i already had the biggoron sword. ironically, i always die after i get my sword back.

can you win the final battle with just biggoron sword and not the master sword?
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User Info: MetalKirbyPlush

5 years ago#9
God help you if you try to fight Ganon with just the Master Sword in ALTTP. Majora's Mask also takes a ton of hits to kill with the Kokiri Sword.

The Biggoron's Sword does break the game though, but it looks awesome and they actually gave it a unique sheath in this version.

I do wish the gauntlets had far more applications. They need to be renovated "TP Iron Boots" style.
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User Info: ChaoticKane

5 years ago#10
banjo kazooie posted...
Zero_Maniac posted...
BGS is a useless sword tbh.

That explains why I don't use it. It's totally not the fact it makes bosses die way too fast for my liking.

Note that this is the exact opposite of useless. Contrary to your playstyle? Sure. But calling it useless is just plain wrong.
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